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    Hi all…

    Starting a month ago, I’ve been getting weak after some meals. It happens just about every day. It hits like a light switch being flipped on. It’s been getting worse lately. Saturday we had supper at my in-laws home. The episode that came on after that was the worst one yet. It started soon after the meal. We left for home not long after that (for various reasons). Within 10-15 minutes of our hour drive home, I couldn’t lift my arms, I couldn’t hold my head upright, and I couldn’t speak.

    It lasts anywhere from a few minutes to a couple of hours.

    The Monday after it started I called my OB. SHe suggested a glucose test, but then, for some reason, dismissed the test altogether (one of many problems I’ve had with this practice). She wasn’t present at my next appointment and hadn’t made any note about the weakness in my chart. I asked for, and received a one hour glucose test.

    The results came back last week. Normal. I asked the doc what it could be. He said he didn’t know and left it at that. I went to my GP today and was told the same thing. He said he had no idea what it could be. I asked him if there were further tests that could be done. He said that there were “no tests worth doing”.

    I’m at my wit’s end here. I’m afraid that it may be something that’s going to affect the pregnancy or, God forbid, hurt the baby…. and no one seems to be concerned but me and my family.

    Does anyone have any ideas about what this may be… pregnancy related or no?

    Many thanks all.



    I think you need to find someone other than your ob to look at what’s going on. It may be something totally unrelated and sounds pretty scary to me. Maybe next time it happens just go to the er?



    what type of meals are they? is it after every meal? i get a be slump in energy if i eat too many carbs, you know loads of pasta or potato i was told the body has to work very hard to digest these.




    hey girl?
    maybe you god low blood suger, or low blood pressure. i felt the same way, i was so weak i had too lay down
    then i stared dizzylike i as going too trow up. then my hands stared to shaking. then my husband gave me some orange
    juice withthin 5min i felt fine. i went to the doctor. she told me i had low blood suger. but everything is fine now i just keep
    candy or i drink some king of juice every 3 hours. i tell you one thing if that happed again. drink something with a lot of
    suger. like orange juice,or koolaid, you know something sweet. and see how that works. your baby is putting out all if your
    enegy out. you have too put it back in. also if you not eating often you will feel that way thats why they say too eat small
    meals though out the day. i hope and pray everything will be ok.
    gook luck baby.



    I agree with dorinebaby. You may be sufferring from low blood sugar. You probably should watch the carbs and make sure you are eating small meals throughout the day. I too have had the same problem before. Also, you may want to get a blood test to check for anemia and check your thyroid levels as well. Try doing some research on-line for hypoglycemia and see if the symptoms sound famaliar to you. Also, you have to look out for yourself and the medical care that you are describing doesn’t seem to be looking out for you. Sometimes we have to really push our doctors and not accept nonchalant attitudes about our real physical concerns. If all else fails with your medical care consider changing doctors. Good Luck to you and I hope you feel better.

    Nikki G



    I realise your pregnancy would be over by now and I hope the baby is healthy and well (and enjoying school!). So I am posting this in case it helps anyone else. I also had the same problem when I was pregnant but didn’t consult anyone over it. I had to lie down immediately after my main course and sometimes in the middle of it! The baby was fine and is now at uni and doing well, so maybe if this happens to you, get plenty of rest and try not to worry.

    Some time later I did discover that I am dairy intolorant, so maybe this was the cause but I wouldn’t advise going without dairy while pregnant without specific advice of a professional, as you need the calcium to grow those baby bones.



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    The Monday after it started I called my OB. SHe suggested a glucose test, but then, for some reason, dismissed the test altogether
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