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    I’m wondering if the uterus is supposed to sit dead center or if it sits slightly off to one side or not. I know that my uterus was curved rather oddly at the beginning of my pregnancy making U/S hard to do and the baby hard to find. But since the baby is bigger it’s not a huge deal. But you know how you’re supposed to be able to feel the uterus by now? Well I fell it totally on the left side and nothing on the right. Now this makes sense to me looking at my last U/S picture. The baby is on the left in the picture. So it doesn’t worry me in the least that it’s this way.

    This is do you think I’ll carry weird? Like will I look bigger on the left side? LOL!! All I’m imagining is that I’ll look like a lopsided basketball. LOL!! Do you think that’s possible.



    The uterus is suspended in the pelvic cavity by the round ligaments, though its position varies from woman to woman. The position of the uterus in the pelvic cavity varies from woman to woman and it shifts as baby grows so i’d say you will look normal and be fine,who knows the next time you have an u/s or dr checks you your uterus could be in a different spot and will keep shifting.my little one is mainly on my right side but my belly is normal looking so relax and enjoy your pregnancy.



    my uterus is slightly favoring the right side – my doctor said it’s completly normal as our bodies are not perfectly symetrical- yet my belly looks like a perfect basketball!! at 15 weeks your uterus is just starting to grow up into the belly area so it will take some time for it to find it’s place… if you are really concerned mention it to your doc at the next appt – they will measure the fundus and keep an eye on the displacement of it.. hth!

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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