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    Ok, I decided to document my weight loss after delivery.
    Two hours before cs I was at 260. Yeah, you got it right, I’m really big.
    Today, day 10 after cs I’m at 238 lbs.
    Hopefully I get my weight down soon.



    What did you do to loose weight? Just wondering because I am only 9 weeks and I am starting this pregnancy weighing in at 225



    Oh I’ll join in with this too!!!

    Pre-pregnancy – 143
    Tuesday before I gave birth (so 3 days) – 197
    Today – 162

    I’m super excited that a lot of it has come off already but I knew I was carry LOTS and LOTS of water weight. I seem to be losing about a 1lb a day right now.

    I’m signing up on Monday for the spring session of a strollercize class that’s 2x a week for 10 wks and I’m going to do a pilates class too. I’m hoping to be back or pretty close to my pre pregnancy weight by mid June as it’s my 10yr reunion then and I want to be able to say “yep I look hot and guess what…I just had a baby 3 months ago…” LOL!!


    Aiden&Alejandros Mommy

    We have a Post part weight check already in the post partum area [URL="http://http://forums.families.com/postpartum-weight-loss-march-update,t61228"]here[/URL]. Feel free to post your stats there :)



    233 right now. I am also losing my water weight still. But I will check out if I can go back on ww with respect to me breastfeeding. Otherwise I will try to go for more sports when I have recovered fully.



    I’ll join too…

    Prepreg -137
    At birth – 162
    Today – 148

    Hope to shed these pounds away! I was 123 pre-preg with riley and was never able to get back to that although i only had 9 mo before i became preg with naomi….hopefully this time I can at least get back down to the mid 130s and I’ll be happy.



    230 now. Wow, hopefully I can lose some more pounds like that.



    Wow Adara you are dropping weight like crazy that’s great!



    I wish I was dropping the weight like you Adara!!!! That’s great!! Crazy to think how much water your body retains eh?!



    Yeah, but I think I get closer to my real “fat” weight where I’ll have a lot of work to do. Last time I lost like 20 kilos of water…and I had hard times losing another 10 kilos of body fat.



    Prepreg -137
    At birth – 162
    March 16th – 148
    Today – 143



    Pre-pregnancy – 143
    At Birth – 197
    Today – 160

    so 2 more lbs…YAY!!



    preprego 143-47
    before birth 173
    after birth 163 then shortly after 157
    now 150 Yay!
    Good job everyone!!! pretty soon will all be skinny minis again!:niceone: :realexc:



    Pre Preg – 145
    Before Birth – 176

    Still havent looked at a scale for myself.. I dont have one at home



    I’ll sticky this thread for us!

Viewing 15 posts - 1 through 15 (of 68 total)

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