Why does our daughter loose focus and stare into space?

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    We have a daughter who turns 7 this fall. Over the last few months, we have noticed that at times she completely looses focus and just stares in space, as if she is daydreaming. When this happens, my wife and I call her name for a few seconds and sometimes even have to touch her shoulder to get her to respond. When she does, she cannot remember what she was thinking abut or what we were saying to her during this time.

    Overall, she is a very gifted, smart girl. She excels in school and reads at an advanced age. She is involved in piano, dance and soccer. Her teachers compliment her performance.

    This is our only child, so we are a bit confused and probably too worried about it, but are hoping for some advice.


    Larry and Jelka



    Did you know that seizures can manifest themselves this way? You should take her to the doctor and mention the symptoms. . .If you journal what you notice, you are more likely to get the doctor’s attention. Be specific. . .when, what was shedoing, how long was she “daydreaming” and what did you have to do to “bring her back.”



    Welcome to the board!

    Yes, take your daughter to the pediatrician with your specific details as Twinzplus3 suggests. I would have her examined by a pediatric neurologist too.



    Please listen to them, take her to the doctor. This can be a sign of a seizure disorder….hopefully that is not the case. But it would be better to figure out what is going on and get treatment if it is. Good luck to you.
    A lot of people in my family do this, but we “come back” without too much effort and no one has been diagnosed with a disorder yet. Although the pedi told me to keep an eye on both of my girls because of it.



    i was going to say the same as what has already been said… i had a friend at school who would do exactly as you said (often with a slight nodding to the head) and it was seizures



    Thanks for all the advice. Went to the pediatric clinic this morning and they are referring us to a neurologist for a consult. Hopefully I am just overreacting.



    Please let us know how things play out.

    Wishing you & your family all the best!



    Thanks for all the advice. We were referred to a pedi neurologist and she was formally diagnosed with absence seizures. It was very obvious when they conducted an EEG of her brain waves, especially when they used strobe lighting, which induced the seizures. They have her on the proper medication and we are glad we paid attention to the early signs.
    This is our only child right now and the scariest thing we have been through, especially during all the testing, but we are so grateful that we caught it early. Thanks for all the concern.:)



    Wow! I’m glad that you took her to get tests done, and now you have a result that you can treat before it got too bad.



    Appreciate the update!

    The friends online here are a wealth of advise.
    Amazing how most of the time they are right on target w/ suggestions and directions.



    Thank you for the update. Glad that you caught it early.

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