Why won’t my 8mo old hold her own bottle yet?

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    My dd is 8 months old today, and has yet to ever hold the bottle herself. She has at least 4 more months of bottles to go, and it would be really nice to have a typing hand when she’s eating!

    I’m not convinced its a developmental problem, because everything else is right on track. I just assumed she’s lazy? :laughing: Just like her mother…

    Should I accept the fact that she might not ever hold a bottle? Or should I worry it might create problems with learning to drink from a cup later? Any ideas on how I can encourage her to hold it herself?

    I’ve tried just about everything I know short of being too pushy. Thanks for any advice!



    Does she reach for it when you show it to her?

    Scarlet just started holding her own bottle this month. We feed her on demand, instead of on a schedule. That means, she has to “show” us that she’s really hungry and not just crying for something else. So, in the past month we’ve been holding the bottle in front of her, and if she’s hungry then she’ll kind of reach for it. Then, we started putting it in her hands and guiding it into her mouth, but still having her hold the weight of it. Now, we can just hand it to her and she can almost always get it into her own mouth. She does have to be leaning back though, since she’s not too good at tilting her head back while sitting up.

    So, you might want to try just holding in front of her until she reaches for it. She’s been drinking out of it for long enough that she knows what it is and will reach for it if she really wants it. She may have just not had the need to hold her own bottle yet. Either way, you won’t be holding the cup for her when she’s 15. She’ll get it when she wants to. I don’t think it’s a developmental thing, I think she’s just content with you doing it for her…why wouldn’t she be? I wish someone would feed me! LOL



    :laughing: Loved that last bit!

    Well o when I show her the bottle, she does reach for it. She definately knows what it is, and she’ll put her hands in the right spot…but then she lets it drop and just suck al the air out. I tilt it up and she just lets it drop again. Even in her highchair at full tilt..she just drops it entirely. So, I don’t know. Maybe I shouldn’t be so worried. :laughing: But its easier said than done!



    It took at least a month of trying to get Scarlet to do it, and she still can’t do it unless she’s almost all the way reclined. It’s hard for us though, because Scarlet is naturally a “do-it-myself” kind of girl. So, we are constantly trying to help her do things that she’s not developmentally ready to do. She gets frustrated because she wants help, but then gets mad that she’s not doing it herself. We had to teach her to hold her own bottle because she would get frustrated and pry our hands on the bottle if we were holding it. Sometimes she’s lazy though and “lets” us hold it.



    TRistan drinks just fine started a cup no issues heneer held his bottle only his cup



    Thanks for the input. So my guess is that this is a fairly common thing?

    See, this is just why I love this site, and you girls! :) :bighug:

    I see my cousin’s baby holding her bottle a month ago (4mo old) and I thought “Should my dd have done that awhile ago too?” I should kick myself, because I know better than to compare!



    I wouldn’t worry about it to much , Ian just started holding his own bottle and 3 weeks ago.



    Yay-congrats Ian!!!!



    Conner can hold his won bottle-I’ve seen him do it…but usually he chooses not to! lol…I think me & you just have a couple of cute bums on our hands! They’re going to make us work for them as long as they can :)



    DD holds my breast like a bottle when she nurses, but won’t hold a bottle when DH feeds her. LOL Who knows.



    i wouldn’t worry about it.

    my grandmother cared for little sean when he was 6months to 9months. she totally spoiled him. i mean, at 9months she was still (bottle) feeding him in the cradle positon. and when he came back home it was as if we had a 6month old.

    at 9months we started trying to get him to hold his own bottle. he wanted to hold it but because he was not used to doing it. he couldn’t hold the weight of the bottle up, so he would it down and try to drink out of it like a straw.

    he didn’t start holding it on his own until a month later (around 10months) and then a few weeks later he started drinking from the sippy cup.

    it was hard for me to deal with as week. my sister had a baby 8 days before i did, and her little had been holding her own bottle since like 6 months. but everything is working out for us now.



    Thanks Venus! How exactly did you teach him to do it? Alyssa is almost 9 months now and she still won’t hold it. She lets it drop like that too. I’m know she can support the weight, because just the other day she tipped over her highchair from her walker. :laughing:



    aiyana has been holding hers since 7mons but still has to be reclined alot and she will be 10mons on monday. she is small though so i guess thats why



    [QUOTE=JeanLynn81]Thanks Venus! How exactly did you teach him to do it? Alyssa is almost 9 months now and she still won’t hold it. She lets it drop like that too. I’m know she can support the weight, because just the other day she tipped over her highchair from her walker. :laughing:[/QUOTE]

    wow. cute. yeah, i’m sure she won’t have a problem supporting the weight of a bottle.

    ok so, i probably didn’t use the most politically correct method there is, but this is what i did.

    - when he was small we used the gerber premie bottles for him.
    now we just give him water in them. they are 2.5oz bottles, very small and easy for him to hold. so throughout the day we would offer him the water (we wouldn’t feed it to him we would just put it in front of him) and he figured out how to hold it himself so that he could get the water out.

    - also, i stopped feeding him bottles in the high chair because as the other ladies have said, he has to be in sort of a reclining position.

    dh would feed him like this: [img]http://www.fotosearch.com/thumb/CSK/CSK013/ks111633.jpg[/img]

    but i would sit him on my lap/between my legs (with his back to my stomach), and i would let him lean on me a little and drink the bottle. sometimes i would try to get him to hold the bottle and other times he would just grab for it himself.

    now i’m able to sit him in the corner of the couch and he will hold the bottle on his own.

    hope this helps. she will hold it soon, and if she doesn’t don’t worry about it, some babies never even use a bottle.

    good luck!



    Thanks Venus-that really helped. Look what your advice has helped me accomplish!


    Its a little bottle, but it works. In a few days I hope that will be a sippy cup instead of a bottle! *crossing fingers*

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