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10 Fall Plants that Attract the Birds: Part 4

coneflower This morning, the kids and I hunted around the yard for pine cones. We wanted to slather them with peanut butter and roll them in birdseed as a Thanksgiving feast for the birds that visit us. Unfortunately, it looks like the squirrels might have gotten to them all, because there was not a single pine cone to be found, including the one that served outside of one of our fairy houses. Still, there are other ways of attracting the birds. I have been mentioning different fall plants that will work. We are now at the end of this list. Here are the remaining three plants to note.

8. Cup Plant

The cup plants looks a bit like a sunflower, with the big difference being that they last long into the season. This plant features the flowers that provide seeds of course, but also wraparound leaves that form little cups. These cups catch the rain and serve as watering holes for the birds. You’ll find the following birds hanging around the cup plant: goldfinches and small seed eating birds.

9. Cone Flower

The cone flower puts its seeds right there in the open with an upright cone that is sure to get the bird’s eye. Personally, when I first saw these flowers, I did not care for their appearance, but they have begun to grow on me. Clumps of these plants give a good cover as well. Goldfinches, sparrows, titmice and juncos love these plants.

10. American Beautyberry

What a pretty plant is the american Beautyberry. The bright clusters of purple berries are really very unique. The berries will feed bird visitors through the winter, and the loose branching structure provides plenty of perches. The perches allow the birds to rest and feed in comfort. With this plant, you can expect cardinals, mockingbirds, bluebirds, thrushes, sparrows and woodpeckers.

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