10 Mistakes I Made As a First-Time Mom-Part II

The truth is, I don’t like thinking I made any mistakes at all because I feel like I did the best I could and my first-born is beautiful, smart, and kind. So, I guess I did some things right too. But, a few days ago, I shared the first four in this series. Go here to see that article. What other “mistakes” did I learn from? Here’s a few more to share:

5. Don’t confide in people that you don’t want advice from. I have to say that I am still working on this one too. But, I’m getting so much better at it. If you are struggling with something in your life, don’t post it on facebook unless you want advice from people that you may not even really call a friend. Instead, give yourself time to figure it out the best way you can. On your own, or with your spouse. You will become all the wiser from learning from your own mistakes. Sure, advice is great, but sometimes advice can be confusing to a new Mom, or make you feel inferior.

6. You have a natural instinct for YOUR baby. Follow it. This kind of goes along with number 5. But, it’s so true. Instead, I read every baby book out there. And, my first was my easy baby! I wish I would have just trusted MY gut more. If a doctor tells you something, and you still think it’s wrong. It might just be wrong for your baby. So, follow your gut. It knows a thing or two. Maybe don’t even listen to me. Ok, forget that last one.

7. Ignore the Mom chatter when you can. Again, this is related to the previous two. Moms talk. They compare notes. They believe their way is the right way. They say their baby came out sleeping through the night, and stuff like that. I say, don’t listen to it. Smile and nod and then do your own thing. Don’t put too much stock into what they claim their baby did by 2 weeks old. Every Mom exaggerates. It’s just a fact.

And, stay tuned for one last article in this series where I share my final three things I learned from my first-time Mom experience.

*Photo courtesy of Morguefile.com

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