7 Tips for Saving Money on Diapers

Many parents of young children struggle with the cost of diapers. Use the following ten tips to save money on diapers.Many parents of young children struggle with the cost of diapers. While babies don’t really need as many things as new parents might think, they do need diapers, and they need lots of them.

Diapers can carve out a significant amount of the grocery budget. That is why it is so important to use the following ten tips to save money on diapersMany parents of young children struggle with the cost of diapers. . Don’t have young children? You can still benefit when you purchase diapers for pennies and donate them to a shelter or other organization that helps women and babies.

Start with Store Brands

Store brands or some of the less expensive brands often do just as well as the more expensive name brand diapers. Try the cheaper ones first and see how you like them. You can also go on baby forums and ask which diapers other parents like to use. You may be able to cut a heft percentage on the overall cost of your diapers just by choosing  the cheapest brand that works for you.

Use Coupons

When you combine coupons with store sales, you can often get some great deals on diapers. Often, stores and diaper brands want to get your loyalty when it comes to the things you buy for your child during the course of his or her lifetime, so they will try to entice that loyalty with coupons or good prices on diapers. Take advantage of this. Calculate your diaper costs after coupons and choose whichever ones have the lowest prices that week.

Consider Cloth Diapers

Yes, there is an investment in cloth diapers, but they do wind up costing you less in the long run, especially if you plan on reusing them for subsequent children. Cloth diapers do require more of a time investment, though, and some day care providers have rules against them.

Strategize the Sizes

Don’t be too quick to move up in sizes. Manufacturers pack more of the smaller sizes into a package for the same price as the larger sizes in most cases. Go by your child not the label on the package. If there are no leaks, than chances are you can stick with the smaller size.

Don’t Try to Stretch Diapers

While leaving a diaper on for a longer period of time might seem a good way to save money, waiting to change your baby until the diaper is practically falling off from the weight is never a good idea. Not only is it putting your baby’s skin at risk of rash and infection, but you may wind up spending more on diaper creams and doctor visits.

Make Sure You Have a Good Fit

Sometimes it is the way you apply the diaper that can make all of the difference. Before naps, for example, when baby will be on her back, shift the diaper up a little more in the back and less than the front. Boys running around may do better with the diaper shifted up in the front.

Buy in Bulk

Warehouse stores often have great deals on diapers. If you have a membership or a friend who is willing to pick up a box for you, check out the prices. Many of these stores also take coupons. Just be sure to concentrate on buying in bulk only the sizes that your baby will be in for a while. Babies tend to outgrown newborn diapers, size one diapers and sometime size two diapers quickly.

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