Learning the Alphabet Part III


We eventually got to the alphabet workbook. My son was really excited about having this special little workbook just for him, but he was not able to grasp what a workbook was. I showed him how to use it but he was not interested in forming letter, he just wanted to draw spiders and vampires. So I put the alphabet workbook away until he was ready. Instead his interests jumped from musical instrument to musical instrument. He appreciated music more than anything else. after he turned two even though reading sheet music will be a long way off for him.

I wanted my son to show an interest in the alphabet on his own. So I put alphabet learning on the back burner again and let my son focus on things that he was presently interested in like building things with blocks, drawing (and having me draw things too), and playing music.

During one of our duel drawing sessions, I was writing both my son and daughter’s names with different colored pens and in different styles of lettering. My son was fascinated with his name in written form. Over the next few weeks he had me write his name again and again. Soon he had a notebook full of his name written in various mediums. Then, what seemed like out of the blue, my son was identifying the first letter in his name. He would see his letter on all kinds of things and in all kinds of places. He verify with me that said letter was for his name. Then he started to claim anything that had the first letter in his name on it as his own.  Suddenly my cell phone was his, lots of books were his, the computer keyboard was his because, as he put it, “C is for me!”

(To be continued …)