13 Years Will It Get Better?

My 13th wedding anniversary is coming up next week and I see myself still waiting to see if things are going to get better with my husband’s side of the family. I think I may have officially have given up hope for that to happen.

I am sitting here wondering where we go from here with them. Will things ever get better for my husband or the kids? I seriously doubt it. I do not care as much for me as I do for my husband and our kids. They are the ones that I feel bad for. You would think that by now they would realize what they are missing. I mean they are 4 awesome people besides me in my family and my in laws are just not giving any of them a chance. If you ask them anything about our kids they would be clueless. I am not even sure any of them even know what grade the kids are in, what their likes or dislikes are or even what they like to do for hobbies.

Let me give you a reason why I think they do not know the kids. When my son was 9 ½ he was given a paint your rock kit. Ok now stop laughing this is not a joke they really did give him a paint your rock kit. Now wait for his 10th birthday he got a manual label maker; you know the kind that has the tape you put through the hand held machine that you turn the dial on and squeeze. Yes that one isn’t it every little boys dream?

If they knew the kids at all they would know what they would not like and would like or at least get a clue about it. UGH I feel like my husband and kids are getting the short straw when it comes to extended family. What to do, what to do?

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