3 Reasons to Rearrange Your Furniture Now

As the weather warms up, your thought are probably far from your furniture. Or maybe not so far. Do you look at your room and think it has gotten a little “lived in” over the winter? Now is the perfect time to remove those doldrums by rearranging the furniture. Here are three reasons why.

Change of Season

There are a couple of reasons why the change of season is a good time to rearrange furniture. The first is that as the sun starts streaming through, you are likely to notice new things about your room, such as worn spots or stains in the carpet that need to be covered. The other reason is that you will probably be entertaining more in the warmer months to come, or at least entertaining differently. Does your current arrangement support conversation, easy paths in and out of the home, etc?


Rearranging your furniture on a regular basis will help you extend the life of both your flooring and your furniture. Leave things the way that they always are, and you’ll soon find out that these things wear unevenly. Paths will get beaten down in your carpet, and your seating may become lopsided. Change the traffic pattern, and your items will wear more evenly.


Rearranging your furniture may just save you a bunch of money. Instead of panicking about how tired your room is and wanting to run out and buy new things, you can have a new look and a new room just by moving things around. While this may not sound too thrilling, you will be surprised how you may love your room without spending thousands to redo the whole thing.

You can swap furniture from different rooms. If you must buy something new, consider a colorful and inexpensive throw or perhaps a new slipcover to celebrate the new arrangement.

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