5 Ways to Save on Gym Memberships and Workouts

gym membershipsReady to fulfill those New Years Eve Resolutions for a healthier body and a more active lifestyle? Gym memberships are a great way to make a regular commitment with professional equipment and classes that are sure to keep you on track. Here are five ways to save money on a gym membership.

1. Negotiate the Gym Fee

When you are considering making a commitment to a gym membership then it is time to speak up. Tell them that you are thinking about joining but want to save some money. The health club may go ahead and waive the sign up or initiation fee, give you a free month or two, or throw in free personal training sessions and extra classes in order to get you to join.

2. Sign up for All of the Free Trials

Free trials usually last for a week. Sign up for all of the different free trials in your area, and do it consecutively. You’ll not only get a good feel for the various gym membership options, but you’ll be able to work for an entire month or more, for free, depending on how many gyms are close to you. Ask friends and family for their unused guest passes, too. Once you have tried all of the trials, you should have a good feel for the best one for you.

3. Barter Personal Training

If personal training fees are out of your budget but you really want the benefit of a professional workout, try bartering for personal training services. Most personal trainers operate as independent agents. This means that they are free to make special arrangements with their compensation. Do you have a skill, a service or a product that you can trade in barter? Some popular items for barter include house cleaning, home cooked meals, hair styling, babysitting, and business services.

4. Win a Membership

Many health clubs and gyms have a little bowl or basket by the front door for drawings. Pace your business card in the container (or hand write your information), and you may win free passes for the gym for yourself or for friends.

Want something bigger? All You has a contest right now that promises to send the winner and a friend for a week’s stay at the Biggest Loser Resort. It includes fitness training and meals. Enter at allyou.com.

You can also do some research on the Internet to find other fitness related contests. There are plenty of them available in the beginning months of the year.

5. Get a Group of Household Rate

Many fitness centers will offer a discounted rate if more than one person signs up at the same time. The more people that sign up at once, the greater the discount. From household discounts for spouses or roommates, to club discounts for a group of friends or co-workers, convince others to join you, and you should save some money on your gym memberships. Plus, you’ll have a built-in support system that will keep you working out regularly.