9 Meal Ideas for Leftover Chicken

leftover chickenThe prices on whole roasting chicken has been pretty good lately, so I have been finding myself buying quite a few chickens for our meals. My family likes roast chicken, so it isn’t usually a problem, except for the leftovers. They can get a little boring after a while. That is why we usually have one meal of roast chicken (I vary the seasonings), and then use the leftover chicken in new dishes, some of which I can freeze.


Here are my favorite ways to use leftover chicken.


  1. Chicken Pot Pie: You can use a butter crust, shortening crust, biscuit crust or mashed potato crust, depending on your preferences and your ingredients on hand.
  2. Hot Pockets: Fill pizza dough with chicken, cheese and other filling for quick meals that can even be eaten in the car. Plus, homemade hot pockets freeze nicely.
  3. Pizza! Try barbecue chicken pizza or chicken and pineapples, to turn your typical pizza into more of a meal.
  4. Chicken Salad: One of the fastest and easiest things to do with leftover chicken is to chop it up and mix it with mayo or salad dressing, plus celery or grapes for a homemade chicken salad that can be served on bread, on crackers or over greens.
  5. Casseroles: Already cooked chicken is an easy ingredient for many casseroles. Search for a couple of favorite recipes to have on hand when you need them.
  6. Chicken Enchiladas: Cooked chicken speeds up the preparation time, and the Mexican flavor is a complete change from the original roast chicken.
  7. Chicken noodle soup: Use store-bought chicken stock, carrots, celery and onions, or make your own stock from the bones to save even more money.
  8. Barbecue Chicken Sandwich: Toss the leftover chicken with some barbecue sauce and add some thin slices of carrot for extra crunch.
  9. Chicken Pasta Alfredo: Boil some pasta, then toss it together with the leftover chicken and alfredo sauce.
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