Doofy Husbands

Have you ever heard of doofy husbands?  They’re the guys in commercials who are always incapable of doing anything around the house.  They try to do the laundry, clean a room, or cook a meal, always to hilarious failure.  Their long-suffering wives come into the room and shake their heads, then proceed to use whatever product is being shilled to accomplish the task with ease. The concept of doofy husbands is problematic for a couple reasons: it doesn’t give men enough credit, and it perpetuates the idea that men aren’t good at performing many household, traditionally feminine tasks.  It implies … Continue reading

Happy Helping Husbands

Today I took my kids, including my newest addition, to story time at the public library. My oldest son loves it. I frequently meet other moms there and get a chance to get out of the house and feel a little “normal”. Or at least, as normal as I can with a new baby around. Today I sat next to a Mom and we started chatting. She had 4 kids (twins in the middle) and her youngest was still a baby, although starting to toddle around. During the conversation, she said that she and her husband were going through a … Continue reading

Husbands and Home Births

Shortly before I began dating Tristi, I read Arthur Janov’s book, “Imprints: The Lifelong Effects of the Birth Experience,”and began to understand why having children at home, without drugs, might be helpful to them and their mother. I didn’t necessarily agree with everything Arthur had to say, but his book did open my mind to the possibility that many children don’t need the full hospital interventions that often happen in America. According to Dr. Janov, babies born without drugs, whether at home or not, tend to be less irritable, and grow up with fewer psychological issues. When I asked Tristi … Continue reading

What Husbands and Wive Look for When Buying a House

Now is a good time to buy, especially if you’re buying a first home. Interest rates are down and so are house prices. Before you do, look over your list of requirements. Husbands often tend to want a double garage and perhaps room for a workshop. If it’s a house that’s been built a few years, the husband will look at the condition of walls, ceilings and whether there are any water marks, guttering, drainage etc. Always go and look at the house again when it is raining. This will show up any faults or areas where the water tends … Continue reading

Obnoxious Husbands

Are any of your girlfriends married to obnoxious husbands? Or do you ever run across couples while you’re out and about and witness an exchange between them that makes you think, “Wow. That guy’s really obnoxious. How does she put up with him?” I have a couple of friends who are married to husbands who would be too much for me. They’re nice enough guys, and they love their wives to pieces (which is how I’ve determined my friends put up with them), but I couldn’t do it. My personality would clash with theirs. Because of my experiences with my … Continue reading

Marriage Week in Review: July 14 – July 20

It is great to have Courtney back writing with me this week. She brought a lot of interesting topics to us. Check out below if you missed out on any. Monday, July 14 Family Matters: Marriage Thicker Than Blood? Courtney questions on how you would respond if you were asked to choose between your spouse and your family. If I Had To Do My Wedding All Over Again… In this article Courtney tells us the things that she would change if she had her wedding again. Tuesday, July 15 The Priest’s List of Five Must Haves for a Happy Match … Continue reading

The Marriage Blog Week in Review for April 28 – May 4

Lyn and I were joined by a familiar face last week, a former regular Marriage Blog contributor: Heather Long. Between the three of us we had a fair amount to say. In case you missed any of it, here’s your handy Week in Review! Monday, April 28 I suggested ways to recession proof your marriage with dinner. (And hopefully enhance it in the process.) Lyn addressed the problem of spending too much time online. (A problem both husbands and wives are guilty of.) Tuesday, April 29 Lyn contemplated the song “love me or let me go” and how it applies … Continue reading

The Marriage Blog Week in Review for January 14-20

In case anything kept you from reading the Marriage Blog everyday last week, here’s a recap of what Lyn and I wrote on: Monday, January 14 When You Do Not Care for Your Friend’s Partner Lyn discussed something I think we’ve all experienced at one time or another, either being the person to not like a friend’s choice of mate or being the one not liked. She gave some suggestions for how to handle such a situation when it arises. Do Fairy Tales Exist in the Congo? I wondered what kind of fairy tales (if any) the women of the … Continue reading

The Pregnancy Blog Review for November 24 – 30

A wide variety of topics have been covered recently in the pregnancy blog on everything from trying to conceive to discomforts in later pregnancy. If you haven’t been able to keep up with your reading, the pregnancy blog review is a great way to browse the recent topics. Click each link to view the entire blog. Some women find they are hungry much more than usual when they are pregnant. Indulging this hunger without thinking about nutrition can lead to excessive weight gain. This increases your chances of complications in the pregnancy and makes losing the weight after pregnancy much … Continue reading

The Marriage Blog Week in Review for October 30 – November 4

Last week Karri, Heather, and I bid adieu to October and hello to November. Here’s the articles we accomplished that with: Tuesday, October 30 Seven Things Haunted Houses Can Teach You About Your Spouse Did you know you can learn about your spouse from a haunted house? You can! There are many things you can discern in fact. Wednesday, October 31 “Can a Marriage be Saved?” Karri wondered if marriages in trouble can be saved or if they’re always doomed to experience the Big D. How to Learn More About Your Spouse: Reading Together A marriage that reads together, stays … Continue reading