How to Parent Adult Step Children

Almost thirty years ago, Robert married a woman who had five grown children. No big deal, right? They ranged in age from mid-twenties to mid-thirties, so they had all been on their own for many years. They appeared to be well-adjusted, independent, responsible adults. They lived locally, and Robert and his wife socialized with them on a regular basis. So what was the problem? It turns out that there were many, but primary among them was the fact that his wife’s family was, what the shrinks would call, enmeshed. They were ‘all up in’ one another’s business—they spoke to one … Continue reading

Hoosier Healthwise Covers Children in Indiana

There is a Medicaid program in every state. Each has at least one program that covers children who come from low-income families. In Indiana, this group can be covered under the Hoosier Healthwise program. Medicaid is a public, or government run, form of health insurance. It is intended to help individuals and families who are low income, and who cannot afford to buy health insurance from a private insurance company, to be able to access health care. Medicaid is funded by both the federal government and by the government of an individual state. Part of the Medicaid program in Indiana … Continue reading

We Can’t Change Our Children

Out of all the many lessons I am learning on this journey of parenthood, one that has especially been hitting close to home lately is the fact that I cannot change my children. Nor should I really desire to. Actually, this lesson began early on when my oldest son was about 4 years old. My husband is a sports fanatic. He not only enjoys watching sports but playing as well. So when our firstborn was a son, he assumed they would share the same interests. As soon as he was of age to join T-ball, we signed him up. My … Continue reading

Should Children and Teens Be Forced to Attend Church?

If you are a church-going family, the odds are high that at some point you may deal with having a child who is no longer interested in attending. This can especially become a challenge when children reach their teenage years. So how do you handle that? Should you force your child or teen to go to church? Well there are two sides of logic when it comes to this issue. There is the side that believes forcing a teen to attend church will only turn them off more. Forcing an issue can sometimes make them more resistant. There is the … Continue reading

Growing up to be a Stepmother

All little girl’s dream of being a beautiful bride one day. Walking down the aisle to their Prince Charming, having a beautiful family and living happily ever after. How many little girls dream about one day being a stepmother? Not many I’m sure, I know when I was younger it never crossed my mind. Then you grow up, Prince Charming is not quite who you thought he was and now it’s just you and the kids, until your real Prince Charming comes along. When I look at my daughters friends there are very few who are in intact, biological families. … Continue reading

Children Who Are at Risk of Being Abused

This week I watched a horrifying story on Dr. Phil about a mother who remarried and whose three girls endured years of sexual abuse by their stepfather. It was just absolutely gut-wrenching to hear what these girls endured. While I felt for the mom, a part of me couldn’t grasp how 8 years of this could go by and she had absolutely no clue. In fact, at one point Dr. Phil asked her if looking back now, could she see signs and she still says no. I certainly don’t want to point any fingers at her but what I am … Continue reading

A Step in the Right Direction

It’s one small step for the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) and one giant leap for parents around the country traveling with young children. Today, moms and dads embarking on holiday flights to grandma’s house and beyond can rejoice knowing that the upcoming chaotic travel season will not require their kids to take off their shoes before stepping through airport security. Even better news: According to the TSA, pat downs of children will be drastically reduced, though not completely eliminated. The official word from the TSA states that children under 12 will no longer be forced to remove their footwear before … Continue reading

Children And Money

When your teenager gets a job it’s a huge step for them towards being an adult. When Hailey was younger I didn’t really teach her about money management because we didn’t have any left over for her to manage. I tried to set a good example. As a single mother many times I lived hand to mouth but I let her know the importance of paying your bills first, taking care of anything that is a true need, saving some for a rainy day, and then, if there is anything left, getting something you want. When Hailey got her first … Continue reading

High School Behavior in Adults

High school behavior isn’t relegated just to teens. I have seen some of the same behavior that our teens struggle with, be just as much an issue with adults. I’m talking about when adults start to interfere in teen issues that should probably be left on their own. Parents who get overly involved in their teens lives not only prevent them from learning how to handle relational issues but they can quickly find themselves getting sucked into the same behavior we see in our teens. What I have learned is that I need to be very careful about what I … Continue reading

Let’s Play! How to Bond with Your New Stepfamily

Not being much of a bowler myself, I was a little surprised when my then-boyfriend suggested that he take my daughter out for a few frames one Saturday afternoon. It was one of the first weekends I had invited him to visit when my daughter wasn’t with her Dad. (After many years of single parenthood, I continued to be very wary of involving her in my romantic liaisons when I wasn’t yet sure where they were headed). This weekend had been discussed between us at length; our relationship had become serious, and we were starting to talk about a future … Continue reading