Fathers & Food

Most of us have some memories of our mothers making and serving delicious foods, some every day, some just on the holidays. I grew up a very hungry person, well able to consume large pizzas in a single sitting. So I have compassion for hungry children. My wife was in an exciting, entertaining, and not a fun car accident, and while she recovers, I get to cook most of the household foods. There are some downsides to that. While I like quality, tasty foods, I get so hungry that don’t care, as long as it is healthy enough, rather than … Continue reading

When Outing Your Father for Child Rape Breaks Up Your Family

Sadly fathers do rape their own children and sometimes they even rape their infant children. They can even rape several daughters over a period of years. Although this is a crime involving a prison sentence, many perpetrators go undisclosed. There are many reasons for this, the predominant one being fear. Children notoriously keep quite about sexual abuse because, depending on their age at the time of abuse, they may not even be aware that what is happening to them is abuse. Many adult women who were sexually abused by their fathers do go on to report that abuse to the … Continue reading

Fathers of Famous Politicians and Presidents

Recently, I saw an interview on television with a presidential historian about United States Presidents and their absent fathers. The expert also looked at the current presidential nominees for the Democrats and the Republicans, their absent fathers and their need to please them. The discussion also included suggested reasons for their success. One of the reasons given for the success obtained by children of famous fathers is that their fathers were often absent from home and were very career-oriented parents. It was suggested that if a father is frequently gone from home because of his career, that the child will … Continue reading

Famous Athletes and their Fathers

What do Bobby Bonds and Barry Bonds have in common with Ken Griffey, Sr. and Ken Griffey, Jr.? Answer: They were/are all famous father and son Major League baseball players. It is becoming more and more common to see these father and son “spin offs” when it comes to famous athletes. Other famous athletes and their sons that come to mind are Archie Manning, Peyton Manning, and Eli Manning (NFL); Calvin Hill (NFL) and Grant Hill (NBA); Dale Earnhardt, Sr. and Dale Earnhardt, Jr. (NASCAR). There are even female athletes that follow in their fathers “footsteps” such as Laila Ali … Continue reading

A New Camera for Dad for Father’s Day

So you don’t want to give dad any of the Father’s Day photo gifts I listed in this blog. And you don’t think my Mother’s Day camera will go over well with him either, well, I have one more item he might be delighted to unwrap on Father’s Day. Canon’s PowerShot 650 IS is perfect for the snap happy dad who wants a camera that packs a punch, but doesn’t have the time or energy to read an owner’s manual the size of a pocket dictionary to get it to work. (Not that most dads read owners manuals to begin … Continue reading

Fathers Pushing Prams

I have just returned from a ten-day trip to Scandinavia and one of the most delightful common sights on the streets of Oslo, Norway was the steady quantity of fathers pushing prams and wearing babies. I was told by a Norwegian that raising children and parenting is an important focus for those who choose to be parents and that moms and dads both get completely involved from the beginning… All the paternal involvement was actually quite noticeable and obvious. As I toured parks and just walked the streets of the city, there were fathers with babies wrapped around them in … Continue reading

Father’s Day, Date Nights & Other Fun Events

What a great weekend we had here at home. My apologies for not writing a focused on Father’s Day article today as I intended. But starting late yesterday, my husband and I both shut down our computers and headed off to spend the next 24 hours focused on the family as a part of Father’s Day. Sometimes you need to make a conscious decision to shut off the responsibilities and the rest of the world and just be together as a family. Date Night Our daughter’s gymnastics school hosts a parent’s night out once a month. It’s a four-hour event … Continue reading

The Ten Best Things about the Annual Father Son Campout

This weekend my husband is taking our son on his first father son campout with the stake. While I worry a bit since my son is only two, I know that he will absolutely love it. It’s a chance for him to spend some quality time with his dad. Plus he will get to look at, touch and possibly eat things that I never would allow. This is a timeless tradition that dates back as far as I can possibly remember. It is in May every year. Here are the ten best things about the father son camp outs. 10. … Continue reading

“I am Not My Father”: Separating Yourself from Your Parents

No, I am not talking about physical separation, and not even emotional separation. Those are a whole other set of issues worth thinking about. I am talking about being conscious of the difference between you and your parents. Dads spend more time thinking about this than you might think, but those thoughts usually articulate themselves in one way: “I don’t wanna be like my dad” or “I wanna be as good as my dad.” Those are fine starting points, but too often, men don’t go to the next step and think about what it is about their fathers (and mothers) … Continue reading

Husbands & Father’s Day

Father’s Day is rapidly approaching and it’s a day to celebrate having dad around. I didn’t grow up with a father so the first years that I have ever celebrated Father’s Day began when I was pregnant and then of course after our daughter was born. My husband’s relationship with his father was intensely valuable to him and his relationship with his daughter is even more valuable to him now. Different Ways to Celebrate For Father’s Day, we’ve done different kinds of gifts over the years from finger paintings my daughter has made to favored books, ties, robes and more. … Continue reading