Think You Have What it Takes to Become a Blogger?

I have been receiving a lot of e-mails and PMs lately, asking me for more info on how to become a blogger. Since I am just about the laziest person you’ll ever meet, I thought that I would write all the info once, and then just refer everyone to this series when they had questions. Yes, I should try to work on my laziness streak, but let’s focus on something I may actually accomplish, like this blog. To start off, if you want to work from Families, you have to choose which topic you will cover. Mine, obviously, is Jobs … Continue reading

Home School Blogger Spotlight: Quirky Momma

When I first began blogging on my personal site a little over a year ago, I came across a blogger who inspired me. It was my pleasure to bump into her on the blogosphere roads through homeschool blogging carnivals, Charlotte Mason carnivals and on online forums concerning education. She is a true professional in her approach to blogging and always gives her best. This blogger has become a blogging buddy; she is Rachel, from Quirky Momma. If you are a blogger you will benefit from her style, her helpfulness, her friendly spirit and creative heart. If you are a blog … Continue reading

Home School Blogger Spotlight: The Book Chook

Based in Australia and authored by Susan Stephenson, The Book Chook, is a delightful blog dedicated to children’s literacy. Susan is a Kindergarten teacher who describes herself as a reading mother hen to her little chicks in the classroom. Hence, the name The Book Chook, as “chook” is what many in Australia call a hen. I love the name of this blog. I find it memorable and quite adorable. The Book Chook is a blog that is easy on the eyes and invites you to sit down and enjoy a book or two. You are introduced to quality children’s literature. … Continue reading

Early Detection of Preeclampsia May Become a Reality

Researchers are developing a blood test that might identify a woman’s risk for preeclampsia early on during her pregnancy, according to an article featured in Businessweek. This is great news for moms who have a family history or a personal history with the disease and are especially concerned over whether they can expect to develop preeclampsia near the end of their pregnancy. The test uses metabolic profiling to identify certain biomarkers in the blood that give away a woman’s level of risk for developing preeclampsia later on. Researchers identified fourteen metabolic targets to watch for signs of preeclampsia risk. Researchers … Continue reading

Being Frugal Is A Way Of Life – New FL Blogger Intro

Finally, I’m writing my Frugal Living introduction post. Better late than never, I always say. I wanted to say hello to my fellow FL living blogger Mary Ann Romans, and all of new bloggers. Since starting with this website about a month ago I’ve been having a lot of fun writing in my various topics. Being able to share and learn is a wonderful thing. As the title of my blog today states, being frugal truly is a way of life, not just one area of it. Many times someone may start out counting pennies in the area of … Continue reading

Overdue Intro From A New SP Blogger

Yes, my introduction is long overdue. As one of the new Single Parenting bloggers, I’ve wanted to say hello to Jacky Gamble who’s another SP blogger, and to everyone here at, but I’ve been so intently focused on writing informative pieces that this kept slipping my mind. Here I am at last. I’ve been a single parent for about 7 years now. After my second divorce I truly felt it was better to go it alone with my five daughters. It seemed apparent that I hadn’t chosen husbands wisely, so it was high time for me to get out … Continue reading

New Genealogy Blogger

Hello, my name is Jacky Gamble, and I am a genealogy addict. I am also the newest genealogy blogger at I have already posted a couple of blogs here, but before I go any further I should tell you a bit about me, and why I chose to blog about genealogy. Genealogy is one of my passions. I began researching my own family tree back in 2003 because I was curious to find out how many relatives were in my mother’s family (her grandparents had 11 children, and their children had children, and so on). I wasn’t expecting to … Continue reading

New Single Parents Blogger

Screaming kids, dishes piled high in the sink, past-due bills, and one person who is solely responsible for it all. Such is the life as a single parent, a life I am quite experienced with. My name is Jacky Gamble, and I am the newest blogger to the Single Parents blog. I first became a single parent at the age of 20, when my daughter was just 6 months old. Her father was not in the picture and failed to pay any child support. I was left to raise and support her on my own. When she was 6 years … Continue reading

New Weight Loss Blogger Hopes to Change Her Odds

One in eight women will get breast cancer in their lifetime, according to the Breast Cancer Research Foundation. That is a scary statistic in and of itself. Now imagine that your mother was diagnosed at 48, and shortly after, died of breast cancer and that both of your grandmothers contracted and died from breast cancer. That’s my reality. As a result, I have become passionate about what is going into my body and maintaining optimal health. While only a limited number of breast cancers are hereditary, I still want to do everything I can to avoid the same fate, and … Continue reading

Ask a Pets Blogger: Crate Time

We recently adopted a ten month old terrier mix from the shelter. My wife and I both work, and the pup spends eight to ten hours in his crate. He’s very good about going into his crate when it’s time to go to work, but more often than not we come home to a crate full of accidents! The shelter said he was housebroken… but maybe he isn’t. Is ten hours too long to leave him alone? Congratulations on the new addition to your family, and thanks for getting him from a shelter. There are lots of awesome dogs (and … Continue reading