Brooklyn Schools Hand out Cell Phones

In my previous article, I discussed how the cell phone debate continues with students and now has involved teachers and administrators. While most schools are debating whether or not to allow students to carry cell phones at school, one area is debating giving students cell phones as an incentive. A pilot program in Brooklyn is designed where schools actually give students cell phones as a reward for good grades, attendance, and good behavior. The program is taking place in three of Brooklyn’s middle schools and four of its charter schools. About 2500 students will be receiving cell phones equipped with … Continue reading

Teacher Cell Phone Use at School

Schools go through cycles of problems and debates. Centuries ago the debate surrounded issues about where and if students should be able to smoke at school and if girls could wear pants. Many of today’s debates deal with the use of technology. Cell phones being the major question. Parents, students, teachers, and school administrators all have opinions on either why or why not children should be allowed to have cell phones at school. However, the debate is not only limited to the children. Teachers and administrators are now seeing debates among themselves. School principals are witnessing more and more cell … Continue reading


“Keep your eyes on your own paper,” is a popular phrase among many teachers. For as long as I can remember, cheating has been an issue in classrooms. Cheating is purposefully acting in a dishonest manner. Some children cheat by looking at another student’s paper for answers, or making a sheet of answers to copy, by stealing an idea from another student, or copying work from a book or other resource. Sometimes cheating can result in a good grade. However, a cheater only cheats him by depriving himself of the knowledge that should have been learned. Some children cheat because … Continue reading

The Cell Phone Debate Continues

This is actually an old story. The New York City Public schools have been fighting with parents over banning the ‘desperately needed’ devices for a few years. However, recently the Board of Education has suggested a compromise. . .allowing the students to store their phones in a locker outside of the school. The locker would be designed specifically for cell phone storage. They’re so Convenient I actually see both sides of this issue pretty clearly. We are contemplating getting our own child some type of cell phone for her birthday. We would likely go with something specifically designed for a … Continue reading

Do You Support A School Wide Cell Phone Ban?

Parents in New York City are up in arms over the recent enforcement of an old cell phone restriction in high schools. Many schools allow cell phones but restrict usage to certain areas or times of the day. New York City restricts the phones all together. The restriction was in place for a long time but was rarely enforced. Students routinely brought and used cell phones at school. However, now New York City’s Major Bloomberg spoke out in support of the use of portable scanners in schools to aide in finding unauthorized objects. Since then, cell phones have been confiscated … Continue reading