The Proof of Love

Happy Valentine’s Day everyone!!! Normally my wife and I avoid this holiday like the plague. It is far too sickeningly sweet and filled with faux intentions and proclamations for us to put a great deal of effort into the day itself. This Valentine’s Day, though, we decided to have a good time at home, with each other, and not be too concerned about the hustle and bustle of restaurants, shopping centers, and other items covered in paper red or glossy pink hearts. We realized that we had what I’ll call a “proof of love” built into our day already. What … Continue reading

Who’s Your Favorite Movie Villain? Part Four

The list of villains just seems to go on and on, doesn’t it? And being a villain has often paid off dearly for those playing the part. I cannot even count the Oscar nominations and wins of the talented actors and actresses I’ve listed in my movie villain blogs. Continuing the EW list of villains, if you ever have to visit the psych ward a la Britney, you wouldn’t want to look up and see Nurse Ratched waiting for you. Louise Fletcher was the sixth actress in line to play Nurse Ratched, but it is hard to imagine anyone else … Continue reading

Author Lauren Carr and the Many Animals That Inspire Her, An Interview

My next interview victim –er, I mean subject—is mystery author Lauren Carr. The thing that struck me most about her interview is how ingrained animals are in her life, and therefore in her books. Lauren shared a bunch of wonderful pet-related anecdotes that elicited more than one knowing head nod or chuckle from me. Will it be the same for you? Read for yourself and see if you can’t relate to her life with pets. Courtney Mroch: What kind of things do you write about? (Genre, subject matter, themes, what have you.) Lauren Carr: I am the author of the … Continue reading

It’s a Wonderful Life (1946) Movie Review

George Bailey, in a stellar performance by Jimmy Stewart, is a dreamer with big plans who has his whole wonderful life planned out. But, as usual, things don’t go according to plan. His father dies and he is all that stands between the whole town being held in monopoly by the wicked Mr. Potter. Taking on the weight of the world, he makes the best of it, investing in people rather than large returns at the Bailey family-run Savings & Loan. When the stock market crashes on the day he is to leave for his honeymoon, Bailey and his new … Continue reading

BAH HUMBUG? 20 Ways to Share the Christmas Spirit with Your Kids

Several days ago, one of my kids said to me, “Mom, it doesn’t feel like Christmas. I’m not feeling the Christmas spirit.” I gulped. What? I had a Christmas tree, lights, decorations, the works. So I wrote down all the fun Christmas memories I’d had as a child. I thought I’d make a checklist, to see how many fun Christmas activities my family could still accomplish (without stress) to make this a very memorable holiday season. (I apologize to readers who aren’t Christian. I only have my own family traditions to access here.) It’s not too late to share the … Continue reading