23andMe Has Final “Back-To-School” Quiz

23andMe has been doing a series of short, online, courses for genealogists. Each had something to do with genetics. Those who watch the videos, and take the quiz at the end, have the chance to win a $25.00 Amazon Gift Card. This is their third, and final “Back-to-School” quiz. 23andMe is a company that makes a home DNA test kit. You provide a sample of your saliva, and that sample gets analyzed. Genealogists can use this tool to learn more about what their genetics say about their health risks and also to find out more about their heritage. You might … Continue reading

23andMe Has Extended the Deadline on Genetics 101 Quiz

23andMe is doing a series of three “Back-to-School” courses for genealogists. There is a quiz that goes along with each course. Genealogists who take the quiz have a chance to will an Amazon Gift Card. They just extended the deadline to complete the quiz for Genetics 101. It is nice when genealogy websites offer free courses that can teach genealogists a little bit more about their favorite subject. 23andMe is doing a short series of three “Back-to-School” courses for genealogists. Each one includes a series of videos and a “pop quiz” for you to take when you have finished watching … Continue reading

23andMe Has a Genetics 101 Course

Genealogy research involves more than using online websites to search for vital records and documents of your ancestors. Today, genealogy often includes a study of a person’s genetics, or DNA. How much do you know about genetics? 23andMe has a course you can take to find out. When was the last time that you thought about genetics? Maybe you are among the genealogists who purchased a home DNA kit in order to learn more about the information held in your genes about your health and heritage. Or, maybe you think back to the biology class that you took in high … Continue reading

23andMe Has a Course On Human Prehistory

Genealogy is the study of family. Often, this means a person’s immediate family, their direct ancestors, and so on through the family tree. Genealogy has become intertwined with the study of genetics, including the genetics from the DNA of early humans. 23AndMe has a course that will teach you more about Human Prehistory. All humans have something in common with each other, genetically speaking. Today, there are several home DNA test kits that genealogists can use to learn more about their heritage. 23AndMe sells one that uses a person’s saliva to extract their DNA, for the purpose of discovering the … Continue reading

23 A Go-Go is a New App for Genealogists

What is a 23 A Go-Go? It isn’t a new dance step, and it’s not going to replace Gangnam Style. Instead, it is a brand new app that helps genealogists connect to 23andMe through their mobile phones. The app can also be used to access information about genealogy, (even if you don’t use 23andMe). There are a plethora of genealogy apps out there. Most of them are only useful if you happen to have a membership with the genealogy company, or website, that the app has been created to interact with. Take, for example, the Ancestry.com app. It is available … Continue reading

What Did Our Ancestors Eat?

We would like to think that we have evolved considerably since our earliest ancestors roamed the earth. However, as different as we are from those ancestors that lived so long ago there is some debate about whether our bodies have adapted to the foods that are available to us in modern society or whether we would fare better if we ate a diet that more closely resembled that of our early ancestors. Proponents of the Paleolithic Diet (commonly referred to as the Paleo Diet) believe that our bodies have not yet adapted to modern foods and can not utilize them … Continue reading

Random Resources for Genealogists

Many genealogists use Ancestry.com, FamilySearch, and possibly a few other genealogy websites. There are plenty of smaller, lesser known, resources out there that pop up from time to time. Here is a random collection of resources for genealogists that I found today. See if any of them are useful to your genealogy research. A few blogs ago, I pointed out the Human Prehistory 101 course that 23andMe created. If you took the course, and the quiz that followed it, you might be wondering what the correct answers were. There is a resource that will help! 23AndMe has posted a blog … Continue reading