5 Frugal Practices That May Be Costing You Money

Sometimes even the best intentions to save money fail. Are you losing money while trying to be frugal? Here are five frugal practices that may be costing you money. • Stockpiling Do you still have cans of vegetables from 2001? Have the breadcrumbs gone stale? Stockpiling is a great way to save money and to be prepared for rising prices, but when you have half a pantry full of expired food then stockpiling is costing you money. To solve this problem, don’t give up on the stockpiling, just get a little more organized. Rotate your pantry items and keep track … Continue reading

Saving Money on Air Conditioning

Have you turned on the air conditioning yet? Here in Utah it’s reached 90 degrees already so I had a friend open the swamp cooler a few weeks ago. While I love my swamp cooler, I love being able to have the windows open, I do miss central air. That almost refrigerated feel when you come inside after being in the hot sun is almost impossible to replicate with a swamp cooler. The best thing about a swamp cooler versus central air is that the impact on my utility bills is almost non existent. My electric bill will be about … Continue reading

Saving Money While Reducing Clutter

So much stuff winds up in the landfills these days, I feel guilty every time I take the trash to the curb. We all do live lives of excess. Everything is readily available to us, all those little things that make life easier. Fortunately for the planet there are lots of ways to reuse things. You just have to pay attention. This will be the first in what I hope is a series of how to use things we normally throw away. Every time I clean I come across something that has outlived it’s usefulness, the challenge is coming up … Continue reading

Insurance Blog Week in Review – April 29 – May 5, 2012

Every week, the Insurance Blog Week in Review quickly goes over all of the blogs that were posted in the past seven days. There can be anywhere between twelve and fourteen different blogs that appear here weekly. What did you miss? This is an easy way to “ketchup” on everything. Ohio Requires Insurance Coverage for Exotic Animals Ohio now requires owners of exotic animals to purchase a certain amount of liability insurance coverage for each animal they own. They also have to prove that they are providing proper care for the animals, and that they have good fences. The Insurance … Continue reading

Kids and Money – What and When

One of the most valuable things that a parent can do is teach their children about money. If children are raised to understand how money works, they are likely to grow into financially aware adults who are able to make good financial decisions for themselves and their families. Of course, the big question is when to begin teaching them and what to teach them at each age and stage of their development. The earliest form of financial education for children happens without you even necessarily realizing that you are doing it. Children are very observant, and they see and hear … Continue reading

Grocery Shopping to Save Money

One area of housekeeping that can cost lots of money is feeding your family. Especially if you don’t have a plan. I find that if I just have a general idea of what I’m going to make for the week I spend much more money at the store than if I have a plan. It’s a bit more work to make a plan but really the money you save makes it worthwhile. The first thing you need to do is check the sales. There are some great sites that will match coupons with the sales for you to help you … Continue reading

Easy and Popular Christmas Gifts You Can Make

This year, why not cut your holiday gift budget in half or even more by making some wonderful homemade gifts. Forget the crocheted potholders and the macaroni art, the following popular gifts will be appreciated and used. In fact, they are so popular, you might even find a couple of them among the gifts that you get! Baked Gifts From cookie platters to quick breads, baked goods can certainly hit the spot during the holidays. Pick up some inexpensive dishes, loaf pans and other containers at your local thrift store. Pretty containers that your gift recipient can keep are much … Continue reading

Things to Consider During Open Enrollment

November is open enrollment month for most employer sponsored health insurance plans. This is the time of year when people who are eligible to get health insurance through their job will receive a packet of information about what to expect from next year’s health insurance plan. You should take a lot of things into consideration before signing the paperwork. Open enrollment happens just once every year. If you miss it, for whatever reason, then you are “stuck”. You cannot sign up for most employer sponsored health insurance plans after the open enrollment period has ended. If you are not eligible … Continue reading

Walmart Makes Changes to Employee Health Insurance

Walmart will be making changes to its employee health insurance plans. It appears that this will enable the corporation to save money on health care. Unfortunately, the cost of health insurance will increase for employees, and it will be harder for workers to be eligible for it. Walmart might be a good place to shop for people who are looking for low prices. In my opinion, though, Walmart is not the best place to find employment. I’ve never liked the idea of the strange “cheer” that they make workers do every day before the store opens. I also don’t like … Continue reading

Wells Fargo Makes Changes to Employee Health Insurance

Wells Fargo has decided to make some big changes to the health insurance plans that it offers it’s employees. The overall purpose is so bank will save money by spending less on health care. This leaves the people who work for Wells Fargo with some difficult choices. Starting next year, Wells Fargo is going to roll out a new employer sponsored health insurance plan. The new plan will require employees to do one of two things. They can put their own (pretax) dollars into a savings account. Or, the worker can pay a higher health insurance premium (and let Wells … Continue reading