5 Tips for a Fitter Thanksgiving

Hosting the Thanksgiving meal this week, I have a lot to do. And I will be honest…exercising is not one of the first things on my mind. In fact, if I could have my way, it would be skipped this entire week. At least that’s what the “old” me would have done. I would have gone into this week thinking, “I already know that I will be eating more than I usually do come Thursday, so why bother to workout?” The thinking is that I will just start again on Monday. But like I said, that is what the old … Continue reading

Staying Active Despite Your Desk Job

If there is one detriment to maintaining an active lifestyle it is a desk job. Some people, me included, spend hours sitting in a chair staring at a computer screen. Apparently there are some offices who have found a way to work around this; workstations that fit over treadmills. What a great idea. The original concept of this came from a man who suffered a leg injury in 2008. Up until then he had been active. So he came up with what is called the “TrekDesk.” He was able to continue working, walk off 26 pounds, get better sleep and … Continue reading

5 Tips for Your Morning Workout

Most fitness enthusiasts would agree that working out in the morning is the best. This is for several reasons. One is that if you put it off for later in the day, you are less likely to do it. Things are bound to come up or your motivation may falter. Another reason its best to exercise in the morning is that you will burn more calories because your metabolism will be raised. You will also have more energy and feel better prepared for the day ahead. While working out in the morning might be best, you should still be aware … Continue reading

5 Fitness Tips

A fit lifestyle encompasses so much more than just eating right and exercising. You can be doing those two things but if you fail to meet any of the following 5 fitness tips, it could be slowing down your progress or even defeating what you are doing. While we don’t think much about the need for sleep when it comes to fitness, it really is a vital part of your fitness plan. So my first tip is to get enough sleep. Now of course we have all heard that we should get an average of 8 hours of sleep. However … Continue reading

Your Computer versus Your Fitness

I work from home, I may have mentioned this on many occasions. Over the last 12 years or so, I’ve worked in some fashion or another in front of a computer. Sometimes I work for five or six hours at a stretch without getting up other than to use the rest room or grab a drink. In the past, when I was in corporate America, I worked a lot longer than that, going so far to just eat my lunch at my desk so I could get my work done. p The Internet and the computer are fantastic gifts. They … Continue reading

Dear Heather … Fat Burning Workout

Hello, well I’m 16 and going to start running and eating healthy. I weigh 240 and I want to lose 70 pounds or more in 6 months what should I do? And if I walk and run at the same time around a football field for a hour or more how many calories could I lose every week cause I’m want to do this every day until I reach my goal and drink lots of water only water and how many pounds u think I could lose every months? Could you help me Heather? Could you give me tips and … Continue reading

The Fitness Blog Weeks in Review February 10 – March 2, 2007

Weee – we’re back and we’re ready to get this party started! It’s been three weeks since our last week in review and we need to get ourselves back on track, so with that in mind, let’s look at our previous weeks in review. What are you waiting for? Start scrolling, because here we go: Saturday, February 10 Dear Heather … How Are you Coping with Your Medical Problems? This is a special Dear Heather designed to answer a very thoughtful and kind question put to me by a reader after I wrote about what was going on in my … Continue reading

The Fitness Blog Week in Review for February 3 – 9

Good morning and welcome to Saturday. Whew, am I glad it’s the end of the week! I’m tired. There are a lot of things going on in my life right now, some good, some great and some that are not as bad as they could be. I found out more about my own health condition this week and I scheduled my surgery. I also started substitute teaching in my school district this week and that was a tremendous lot of fun! We’ve managed to pack so much into this week and next week and the week after, that I am … Continue reading

Be Your Own Yoda: How to Keep Yourself Going

Star Wars is one of my favorite series of films. In fact, the original Star Wars movie, released in 1977, was one of the first movies I ever saw in a movie theater. In the second movie of that series, Luke is tutored by Yoda in the ways of being a Jedi Knight and during the course of the grueling physical and mental training, he tells look: do or do not, there is no try. Do or Do Not; There is No Try So how can you become your own Yoda? It’s not necessarily about having the motivational tapes or … Continue reading

The Fitness Blog Week in Review, November 25-December 1

Good morning and Happy Saturday! You’ve likely got plans today that involve shopping, decorating or even attending holiday events at your Church or other social function. So you’ve got a lot of plans and even if it’s just going to be a quiet day at home with your family, you’ve got things to do. So let’s tackle our week in review and highlight what we talked about this week in case there was anything you missed. Saturday, November 25 In Post Natal Fitness: Let’s Talk Moms we focused on a new topic we’re supporting here in the Fitness Blog and … Continue reading