A Little “Hump-Day” Inspiration

I was watching the President’s State of the Union Address a few moments ago and was thrilled when he invited Julie Aigner-Clark of Colorado to stand for applause. The name Julie Aigner-Clark may not ring a bell to you, but if you are the mother of preschoolers (or even young elementary students) I’ll bet you’ve heard of Baby Einstein before. I’ll never forget the first time I saw a Baby Einstein video. One of my girlfriends gave it to me when my daughter was teething. My baby was mesmerized the moment she saw the puppets and toys dance across the … Continue reading

Canada—Not Just A Winter Destination

My brother has been a competitive surfer for more than 20 years. He has traveled the world over competing in surf contests from Bali to Japan, which is why many people question why he makes an annual trip to Canada each year to “surf” on snow. Snowboarding has become a relatively new passion for him, but when he does take a break from riding the waves on Hawaii’s North Shore he heads north to Whistler, which is nestled in the hills of British Columbia, Canada, about 80 miles from Vancouver. While the village may be widely associated with skiing and … Continue reading