Character Dining at Disneyland

When I was a child I was terrified of costumed characters. For some reason Halloween didn’t bother me, but I didn’t want to go near Santa Claus’ lap at the mall, to my parents’ relief (it saved them the long line wait). What frightened me the most, however, were costumed characters at amusement parks. One of my earliest memories is running in fear from the parade at Sesame Place when I was only about three. Trips to Hershey Park had me breaking out into a nervous sweat should one of the giant anthropomorphic candy bars wander near me. On second … Continue reading

Filming the Disney Christmas Day Parade

Growing up, I hoped that one year I could spend my Christmas watching the Disney parade from the sidelines instead of my couch. If I’d ever gotten my wish, my young self would have been disappointed. That is because Disney does not hold their Christmas Day parade on Christmas Day. Instead, they film in nearly a month in advance. Tomorrow the parade you’ll see on your screens was taped on December 3-5. Disney usually announces the dates for their annual taping near the end of October. Those interested in obtaining tickets for the event should keep close watch on the … Continue reading

What NOT To Do At Disney World

Fatigued, impatient, dehydrated Disney guests be warned… having a meltdown at “The Happiest Place on Earth” is not advisable. Just ask an Alabama woman who was recently arrested for beating and kicking a woman she said cut in line at a Walt Disney World attraction. Talk about setting a poor example for children… According to police, 51-year-old Victoria Walker was standing in line for the Mad Tea Party ride with her 11-year-old daughter when she began yelling obscenities at a 35-year-old Florida woman. Walker then reportedly grabbed the younger woman from behind and hit her until fellow Disney guests pulled … Continue reading

Switching Off – A Parent’s Guide to Riding at Disney Parks

Do you know what switching off is? This is a great thing to be aware of before you go to the Disney amusement parks, especially those of you with young children who may or may not be up for a ride on Space Mountain. Switching off is supported by many of the larger rides and attractions at Disney and this is how it works: Want to Ride Space Mountain? Do you want to take your older kids on Space Mountain, but the younger pair isn’t up for the ride? Tell the first Disney attendant that you want to switch off. … Continue reading

The Magic Kingdom – Visiting with Children

Are you heading to the Magic Kingdom sometime soon? Worried about how you’re going to be able to do all you want to do while you are there? Let’s have a look at a touring plan that will get you to the park and out of the park while still achieving your goals. First and foremost, before you take your children to the parks or on the vacation, have a family sit down and determine what rides are absolutely important to go on before you arrive. For my family, Splash Mountain is a must do ride. It’s my daughter’s absolute … Continue reading

Planning Your Trip: Free Keepsake Map

A few days ago I gave you some tips on how to survive Disney World (the Magic Kingdom to be specific) with little ones in tow. One tip that I didn’t mention is that a little planning can go a long way. I talked about planning your meals and making reservations well ahead of time so that your little munchkins are not starving by the time you sit to eat. However, today I want to let you know about some great tools that you can use to plan your trip. First there are the free DVD planning kits. You can … Continue reading

Spring Break Travel Tips

My college co-ed cousins go on spring break next week. (They will be sunning it up in a tropical location while I sit here shedding tears on my fading tan.) Typically, college students make up round one of the revolving door of spring breakers who collectively crowd the nation’s highways, beaches, and skies this time of year. If you plan to spend the spring recess journeying to sunny (or snowy) destinations on a much-needed family vacation, consider keeping some of my favorite tips in mind: Do Your Homework. Does anyone dare enter the Magic Kingdom without a plan? Don’t answer … Continue reading

What is it about Disney that makes it Special?

I’ve loved Disney since I was a little girl watching Snow White on the big screen. I grew up with Cinderella, Bambi and the Jungle Book staring at me from posters on my bedroom walls and the covers of books on the bookshelves. As I grew older, video became readily available and I started to collect my favorite movies. My dream was always to go to that magical place, Disney World. With many things, when you wish so hard for something, the reality often becomes an anti-climax. You’ve dreamed so long about it that it can’t fail to fall short … Continue reading

Visiting Hawaii—Where To Go

I was born and raised in Hawaii, but moved to the “mainland” shortly after graduating from high school. I moved back to Honolulu for a brief period in the late 90s, but eventually moved back to the Midwest to accept a new job position, and have remained here ever since. Regardless of where I move or how long I have been gone, Hawaii is always HOME, and I try to get back as much as possible. I just returned from Oahu five days ago and am so homesick (especially since I left 80 degrees temps—it’s 5 degrees in the city … Continue reading

Why Should You Spend Halloween at Disney World?

Of all the times of year to visit Disney World, why should you make you plans based around their six week Halloween celebration? The following reasons are my own and obviously not a paid opinion, but I’ve had the pleasure of visiting Disney World three times for their Halloween celebrations and I think it’s quite possibly the best time of year to go. The Weather The weather in Florida in October, while still warm and humid is not insufferably so. The nights are definitely cooler and many of the Halloween activities take place during the after dark from 7 until … Continue reading