The Disney Blog Week in Review for April 23 – 26

I love Disney. I think I’ve said that plenty of times here, but each time I sit down to write or read something in the Disney blog, I am instantly reminded of all the great and fun memories I have of Disney products, movies, amusement parks and more. What I love most about Disney, however, is not their merchandising, their rides or even their movies – it’s their ability to inspire the imagination and to transport us to other worlds and other times. So what did we talk about this week in Disney? Monday, April 23 Planning a vacation to … Continue reading

A Hidden Jewel: The Timekeeper

One of the true pleasures of going to Disney World or Disneyland is going to see the attractions hosted within the parks. One of these attractions must be new because I don’t recall seeing it the last time I was there (2005), but trust me – it’s on the top of my list to see the next time I set foot in the Magic Kingdom. What is this jewel that is making the top of my list? It’s called: The Timekeeper The Timekeeper is a time-travel movie adventure that is open seasonally. The presentation lasts about 20 minutes and you … Continue reading

Pirates & Princess Party Returning This Summer

Pirates are the hot things this summer at Disney, but Princesses are always in season and this summer, the Pirates and Princess Party is returning to Disney World’s Magic Kingdom. The party allows you to take up your adventure map and treasure pouch on a journey through the Magic Kingdom in search of royal beads and chocolate doubloons. There will be Pirate Coves, Princess Courts, a new Enchanted Adventures Parade as well as the Music and Mayhem fireworks display. The Pirates and Princess parties will be hosted during evening events at the Magic Kingdom over the summer in similar tradition … Continue reading