The Desperate Mom’s Guide to Spring Break

Are the kids inside and bored and the weather just isn’t co-operating during spring break? I know what you mean. Although I’ve been trying to push the birdies out of the nest to play outside, it is just too cold here. Add to that the fact that our spring break is really short this year (only three days off), and you have the potential makings of disappointed kids. Sure, we could just throw money at the problem, but then again, that wouldn’t be very frugal. Despite these challenges, I am happy to report that the feedback I got from my … Continue reading

The Rain

When my family was living in Texas we very infrequently saw rain. This was not entirely problematic. It was certainly a change for us though. The climate differences were many and we had to adjust accordingly. My wife needed new hair product. Our skin was noticeably drier. We were subjected to previously unknown allergies caused by previously non-existent pollens. Time after time, though, the climate proved to be so markedly different that we found ourselves missing certain things: rain, trees, green grass, and more. Recently we moved back north closer to family and the places we grew up. We’ve been … Continue reading

Frugal Picnic Night

One of the favorite activities that my kids like to do as a family is also economical. Recently, I’ve made it even more frugal. Here is what we did last night and how we had a fun time for pennies. When the weather warms up, my kids are always clamoring for the park. One fun way to enjoy the park and get out of a warm house is to visit the park around dinner time. We eat dinner on one of the picnic benches, and then after dinner is done, mom and dad pack up while the kids play on … Continue reading

Keeping Kids on their Toes

I love to challenge my daughter. I challenge her to think differently, express herself, be confident and in numerous other subtle ways as well. I really enjoy keeping her on her toes so that she, and we, does not become too predictable in our choices, movements and actions. Because we are creatures of habit and because the daily routines of everyday life can often feel, to be frank, really boring over time, I started to think about ways I could mix it up from time to time, ever so subtly, and keep my girl guessing and thinking. It started innocuously … Continue reading

Kids Frugal Entertainment: Travel Games For Anywhere

Many people travel during the holiday season. By car, by bus, by train, by plane. Regardless of how you go, you are stuck “inside” something until you reach your destination. I consider that a place to entertain children indoors. Oddly enough, we’ve carried these travel games to our kitchen table, to our living room on family night and even at bedtime we sometimes play a game. We aren’t traveling this holiday season, but many times even just for a trip to the mall or somewhere else in the car we play these games. The best part? They cost nothing, are … Continue reading

Frugal Indoor Fun: Host a Party

Hosting a party is a fun way to entertain your children indoors. You don’t necessarily need to invite anyone else but your family, but if you do it’s even more fun! This article is assuming that you might invite a few friends to enjoy this fun activity with. Here are some ideas for fun parties that can be done anytime of year when you are stuck indoors. Have a Sandwich Making Party This is easy if you ask each child to bring one or two ingredients. Assign several different sandwich toppings: pickles, alfalfa sprouts, onions, grated cheese, sliced tomatoes, shredded … Continue reading

Several Frugal Indoor Options for Entertaining Your Children This Winter

Entertaining children indoors all winter long can be a difficult challenge. But there are some standard, run of the mill ways you can help keep them entertained in addition to some of the unique ideas I’ve been providing and will continue to offer over the remainder of the week. Here are a few simple and traditional ideas: – Give them a puzzle to complete. All of our kids are older so they enjoy puzzles with at the very least 500-700 pieces. If you get a puzzle that’s big enough, they can all work on it together. – Grab a few … Continue reading

Frugal Indoor Entertainment for Kids: Host a Fashion Show

We’ve been avoiding the outdoors like the plague lately. It’s chilly, brisk and almost slightly uncomfortable. I actually dislike it when it’s really cold one day and actually warm the next day. It’s the worst time of year and it’s when kiddo’s get sick the easiest. We try to entertain indoors as much as possible so we can avoid the craziness of the winter chill in the air. We tried something fun – we hosted a fashion/music show. It was so easy and it lasted at least an hour or more, because the kids kept at it even after the … Continue reading

Cold Outside? Stay Inside – A Fun, Frugal Idea for Entertaining Your Kids

The brisk cold winter days have approached. In fact, some states have already had their first dump of the white flaky stuff. Which would be great, because children love to play in the snow. However, not all of us are lucky enough to get the great snowfall this early, so children tend to avoid being outside in the bitter cold. So what do you do with them? Sure, you can take them to movies, the arcade, bowling, skating, etc. But all of that costs money. How do you entertain children inside all winter long on a budget? It’s not as … Continue reading

A Kids Frugal Guide to Rainy Day Fun: 40 Things To Do

Rainy days can be really boring. And here in the Midwest we’ve certainly had our share lately. In fact, as I write this, the rain is pouring down and the noise is escalated by our wonderful sky lights. Yes, that was a tad bit of sarcasm. So what can you do to entertain the kids on a rainy day that doesn’t cost a lot? Lots of things! I asked my two eleven year olds to help me brainstorm some ideas. Here’s a nice long list of things to do together when the weather is less the cooperative. Read a book … Continue reading