Ten Ways to Motivate Your Child to Read

Encouraging our children to read can sometimes be a daunting task. Although some of us are blessed with avid readers, many of us live with the child that would rather “wait for the movie to come out”. Listed below are ten strategies to help your child develop a passion for reading. 1. Build a Well Stocked Home Library. When the boys came to live with us, we had no children’s books in the house. Every book was geared for an adult. Since then we have added two bookcases and three very long shelving units above them to accommodate the books … Continue reading

“Brother for Sale.” Helping Kids Cope with their Sibling’s Disability

What would otherwise be normal sibling rivalry is even more complex between a special needs and a typical child. The child without a disability will experience a wide variety of feelings, all of which are perfectly normal and understandable. As parents, there are some ways to help encourage positive relationships between our children, while also recognizing their different emotional needs. Here are some typical emotions that siblings of special needs children may experience: Resentment: Siblings might resent the extra attention, time, and emotional focus that is directed toward the special needs sibling. They may resent it if they are given … Continue reading