Adware, Spyware, and Pop-ups

In yesterday’s blog, we discussed malware and the dangers of having malicious software installed on your computer. Today, I will give a brief introduction to some specific types of malware, some of which are dangerous and other just plain annoying. Check back in the coming weeks for specific reviews of some of these programs. Adware Adware is software that displays advertisements, usually in pop-up windows. Ads are generated from software that is installed, either with or without your permission, on your computer. Some adware is specific to your browsing habits, where other adware displays ads of no relevance to the … Continue reading

Purchasing electronics online – Coupon sites

Coupon sites offer online coupons or codes that can provide you with large savings over street prices. Coupons can be used at specific online retailers when checking out. The coupons are usually a string of letters and numbers that you can either type or cut and paste into your shopping basket at your favorite retailer. Some coupon sites are more difficult to navigate than others, but if you spend a few extra minutes searching, you’ll probably find a coupon or two worth using with your next online purchase. This is part of a series of blogs covering online electronics retailers. … Continue reading