Connecting Anti-depressants and Autism

You likely heard about the belief that immunizations cause Autism, and if you looked into it at all you would know that the study has been de-bunked and there is no proven connection between the two. While there are still many believers, most scientists have moved on to discover what exactly causes Autism. The general agreement in the scientific community is that there are genetics at play, but since science has been unable to account for a specific genetic factor, they are also searching for environmental links to Autism that may help answer some questions. I personally find the quest … Continue reading

Insurance Coverage Means Fewer Multiple Births

Health insurance plays a large part in the lives of so many people. Whether or not a specific procedure, treatment, or form of health care is covered by your insurance company plays a big part in the choices a person makes in his or her life. A study shows that if insurance covers in vitro fertilization treatments, it will lead to fewer instances of multiple births. Most of the time, when people think about health insurance, they are either thinking about health care options, or about money. The difference between being able to see a doctor or a specialist, and … Continue reading

Genealogy and Your Health

Did you know that you can use genealogy to keep yourself and your family healthy? Medical research shows that certain genetic disorders, as well as the tendencies to develop certain preventable health conditions, are hereditary. A family medical history is a useful tool that you and other members of your family can use to assist your physicians in caring for your health. Unfortunately, some families are at an increased risk for developing chronic conditions such as hypertension, diabetes, and certain cancers. If you discover any of these conditions as you research your family’s medical history, let your doctor know. Your … Continue reading

Calculating When You Conceived

You’d think figuring out which day you conceived would be simple math, or at least as simple as looking at the calendar, but there are a couple different factors that play into when conception actually occurs. Your menstrual cycle length, ovulation date, and implantation date can all vary. If you are trying to conceive, you might consider doing a little extra record keeping for accurate dates later on. First, keep track of the days you have intercourse. As unromantic as this sounds, it doesn’t have to be. Keep a roll of stickers by your calendar and place one on each … Continue reading

Do Rheumatoid Arthritis and Pregnancy Mix?

Rheumatoid arthritis is an autoimmune disease which causes inflammation in the joints and surrounding tissues. It can lead to deformities in the hands and feet, anemia, decreased range of motion, numbness and tingling, pleurisy, and other mild to severe symptoms. It is a long term disease that can be managed (but not cured) by drugs that are incompatible with a healthy pregnancy. Does that mean women who suffer from rheumatoid arthritis can’t carry a pregnancy? Fortunately, that is not the case! Conception The pain and discomfort associated with RA may affect a couple’s sex life and account for the fact … Continue reading

Understanding Molar Pregnancy

A molar pregnancy can be a scary and confusing diagnosis. You may be wondering what happened to the baby? Is this like a miscarriage? If there is no baby, why did the pregnancy test come out positive? These are all valid questions. It helps to first understand what it means to have a molar pregnancy. In a normal pregnancy, conception happens when a healthy egg meets sperm. The sperm fertilizes the egg and the fertilized egg begins dividing rapidly. The hCG hormone is present in the blood within about a week of conception. It may be a few weeks before … Continue reading

Pregnancy Blog Review Oct 29 – November 14

Welcome to the Pregnancy Blog review. Here you will find a brief description of recent posts in the blog. If you want to read more, click on the link to see the entire blog. Anxiety disorders may occur before or during pregnancy. Women have widely different experiences. Some find their symptoms are reduced, while others discover no change or an increase in symptoms. For others, they first experience anxiety disorder after they become pregnant. Learn more about the symptoms and treatment options in Anxiety in Pregnancy. Birthing positions can either help or hinder progress in natural child birth. Some positions … Continue reading

The Link Between Recurrent Miscarrage and Obesity

Researchers in the UK have determined a link between obesity and recurrent miscarriage. The study was conducted at St. Mary’s Hospital in London and published in the British Journal of Medicine. Researchers followed a group of women who had suffered at least one miscarriage in the past ten years. The women were followed during their next pregnancy for this study. The women were divided into groups for the study: underweight, normal weight, overweight and obese. To determine obesity, the weight of the participants and their body mass index were used. The body mass index is a measure that uses the … Continue reading

Marriage Profiles of the 2008 Presidential and Vice Presidential Nominees

While I was watching Sarah Palin’s speech during the Republican National Convention last night, I found it interesting to learn she married her high school sweetheart. It made me think that might make a fun blog: profiling the marriages of the 2008 Democratic and Republican presidential and vice presidential nominees. Barack and Michelle Obama They first met in 1989 when Barack interned at a law firm where Michelle worked. Apparently he was smitten with her right from the get go, but she didn’t want any part of an office romance. But Barack wouldn’t be deterred. He persisted in asking her … Continue reading

The Pregnancy Blog Review for May 15 – 26

The pregnancy blog review is a good place to see all the recent postings to the blog in one convenient place. I try to cover a wide range of topics related to infertility, conception, pregnancy, birth and the post partum weeks. Sperm count tests freak out a lot of men. Many balk at the thought of giving the sample in a crowded doctor’s office. For these men, home testing seems like the perfect solution, but is it? Learn more in Home Sperm Count Tests. Pregnancy and Your Cell Phone discusses recent research about the use of cell phones during pregnancy. … Continue reading