A Brief History of “Pox Parties”

There seems to be a trend going on involving “Pox Parties”. In short, the purpose of these parties is to intentionally get a child exposed to chicken pox. Did you know that your health insurance covers the cost of the vaccine that protects children from this disease? What is a “Pox Party”? This is the term used when parents intentionally expose their healthy children to the chicken pox virus. In the past, this was generally done by bringing children over to the home of a child who currently has the chicken pox. Typically, the “Pox Party” would include family members, … Continue reading

A Pox Upon You!

Lately, I’ve been hearing a lot about “Pox Parties”. The purpose of these parties is to expose a healthy child to the virus we call “chicken pox”, in order to avoid having to give the child a vaccination against this disease. It made me think about what “pox” used to refer to, and other older names for diseases. Names of diseases, medical tools and terminology, are words and phrases that get changed over time. Every so often, a disease is renamed to something more accurate, based on newly discovered knowledge about the disease. Or, medical terms or conditions get a … Continue reading

Chicken Pox

I read a strange bit of news over the weekend. It seems that people want their children to get chicken pox instead of the vaccination so they are having pox parties and mailing virus laden lollipops and such to other who cannot get their children to a pox party. I think that is a little strange. I can understand wanting your child to get chicken pox, to a point. When Hailey was four her pediatrician wanted to vaccinate her against chicken pox. The vaccine was fairly new at the time and I was unsure of it so I asked if … Continue reading

Supersuits for Dogs with Severe Allergies

Look! Out on the sidewalk! It’s a bird… It’s a plane… No, it’s a dog in a spandex bodysuit. This isn’t a Halloween costume in the making — it is an actual treatment to relieve itching in dogs with severe allergies. I recently read about the K9 Top Coat — a spandex suit that might be able to help pets who suffer from severe allergies. Many pets who have severe allergy problems end up on a lifetime of steroids that can stop the itching but in the long term is bad for your pet’s health. The K9 Top Coat is … Continue reading

Chicken Pox Has Arrived!

Parents and teachers both expect illnesses this time of the year. We do our best by getting all of the suggested vaccines and shots. Many common diseases are now under control due to the research and creation of vaccinations. We also sanitize our classrooms and homes with disinfectant cleaners. We teach children how to wash hands and properly sneeze and cough. A very common disease that almost every child had when I was in school was chicken pox. It would spread throughout an entire family and classroom in no time at all. Quickly each and every child would be covered … Continue reading

The Pregnancy Blog Review Dec 20 – 30

The holidays are always crazy, but never more exhausting than when you are pregnant. The pregnancy blog review is a great place to get caught up on your reading while relaxing with your feet up. A range of topics have been covered recently. When we learn we are pregnant, we suddenly worry about any potential risks to the baby. This usually includes illness. Pregnancy and the Chicken Pox addresses prenatal exposure to this fairly common childhood illness. Some couples choose a holiday get together as the time to share the news of their pregnancy. Sharing the News on Christmas Day … Continue reading

Pregnancy and the Chicken Pox

The chicken pox is never fun. Prior to the vaccine, most of us got the chicken pox as kids. It was uncomfortable, but rarely dangerous. The virus is always more serious for adults, but particularly pregnant women. Fortunately, about 90 percent of women are immune to the chicken pox. For these women, there is very little risk of catching the virus during pregnancy. However, if a woman has made it to child bearing age without being exposed to the virus, this can be a cause for concern. Approximately 1 in every 2000 pregnant women will catch the chicken pox during … Continue reading

Are Vaccines Really Safe? Looking at Safety Differently

In my first blog, I mentioned that I’m attempting to find as much information as I possibly can about vaccines. I welcome any questions that you might have; you can either leave them in the comments below, visit the forums where we were discussing this, or send me a private message. It seems like one of the first questions we need to address is whether or not vaccines are actually safe. It’s a disturbing question to answer because if you read the medical literature you walk away with the idea that there are absolutely no risks involved whatsoever, or at … Continue reading

Chickenpox Vaccine

Raise your hand if you’ve had chickenpox. I sort of had it twice — my father had it when I was a baby, and my parents tell me I had the rash on my rump. I had it again a few years later, and suffered through the itching by getting painted with calamine lotion. Chickenpox (varicella) is a very common childhood disease; it seems to get harder to deal with as the patient gets older. The disease is most dangerous to infants and adults — as many as 100 people die because of chickenpox here in the U.S. Around twelve … Continue reading

Your Child’s Been Invited To A Pox Party!

What’s the latest trend in parties for kids? Pox parties! Pox parties are cropping up around the country, no it has nothing to do with music or the latest fad, instead they center on a common childhood illness chicken pox. Many parents are concerned about the chicken pox immunization and the possible risks associated with the vaccine. They are also aware that children do need to get the disease because chicken pox as an adult is usually associated with complications. The solution – pox parties! Parents who want their child exposed to the chicken pox virus join an email ring. … Continue reading