Monday Morning Funnies: The Bathroom Gestapo

Monday mornings demand extra caffeine, a little lollygagging, catching up with co-workers on the happenings and news from the weekends, and of course humor. Today’s focus in the Monday morning funnies is a humorous policy from a real company on how they dealt with workers taking too many bathroom breaks. The moral of the story I guess is to make sure you don’t drink too much before going to work in the morning. . .or choose a career you can do from home where there is generally free access to the facilities. The Bathroom Bank I cannot imagine what types … Continue reading

Mission Possible FAQs: Why Are You Against Organized Diets?

I have gotten so many questions about Mission Possible that I’ve started a new ‘sub-feature’ called Mission Possible FAQs. I am always happy to address questions that come to me and will be doing so over the next few days. Feel free to leave any questions below, or in the Mission Possible forum, or of course, you can PM me. One reader asks: Why do you seem to be so down on weight loss programs and diets? Lots of people have been helped by centers like Weight Watchers and Jenny Craig and yet you seem to have some sort of … Continue reading

Mission Possible: The Current State of Affairs

Let’s take back the weight loss! Current BMI: 31 Pounds to Go: 55 Yesterday I wrote about my deep concern over the state of weight loss in our culture. It seems like we get so desperate to lose the weight or look a certain way that we’re willing to do crazy things that, if we stopped to think about it, really don’t make sense. It does not make sense to give yourself excessive diarrhea in the name of health. That’s an oxymoron. It does not make sense to eat in such a way as to leave out major food groups … Continue reading

Fitness Journal – Welcome Back from the Weekend

Welcome back to my personal fitness journal and I hope you had a great weekend. One of my primary goals is to demonstrate how you can incorporate fitness into your every day lifestyle whether you have kids, you work out of your house or you work in an office. You can do it whether you are male or female, married or single – all you need is the will to find the way that works for you. I’ve discovered over the last couple of years that while working with a personal trainer was a powerful motivator for me, I had … Continue reading

Mission Possible: My Confession

A couple of months ago I began writing for the weight loss blog. In researching my articles and watching discussions in the forums, I have come to learn that people will do almost anything to lose weight. We’re willing to starve ourselves, knowingly give ourselves diarrhea either through a ‘colon cleanse’ or Alli, our pay hundreds and hundreds of dollars to lose weight. I am so surprised at the lengths some women will go to lose weight that I am putting my foot down and saying ‘no more’. We don’t have to do these things to our bodies in order … Continue reading

Weight Loss Week in Review: July 3 through July 14

Tuesday, July 3 10 Tips on Eating Your Way Through the 4th of July Well, the 4th of July is long gone, but you can still review these 10 tips for holiday eating. The summer is still here and there are a whole month and a half left full of barbecues and backyard get togethers. Dad’s Losing It: It Was Good While It Lasted Continue following Jeff’s journey as he seeks to lose weight. How did he do over the holiday weekend? Friday, July 6 Alli-oops: Alli Users Commiserate Over Side Effects At this point, I’m not sure that Alli … Continue reading

Steps to Choosing the Right Weight Loss Program for You

If you are trying to choose a weight loss regimen it can be mind boggling. Do you control your portions or your carbs? Do you go non-fat or just certain fats? Supplements? Alli? Or maybe just join a weight loss center? Perhaps you’re even considering something more drastic like surgery? How are you supposed to know which option is best for you? The simple answer is that you really can’t know which option is best until you try them and find one that works. It is a learning process. However, I think by being honest with yourself and answering some … Continue reading

Yo-Yo Dieting Isn’t That Bad for You

Really, honestly, and truly I read this today. I had always heard that going on a diet, to lose weight, and then to regain it was just a bad proposition. I’ve heard that it makes losing weight for the long haul much harder to do and I’ve heard that it isn’t that healthy for you either, increasing your risk of heart disease, and cancer. But apparently, losing weight and then regaining has no ill health effects on your heart or your waistline in and of itself. In a research study, following several men and women, statistics showed that yo-yo dieting, … Continue reading

Alli-oops! Alli Users Commiserate Over Side Effects

WARNING: This blog contains what the text messaging world labels as TMI. This blog is not to be read by the easily grossed out or slightly squeamish person. If you keep reading. . .you can’t say I didn’t warn you. Alli, a non-prescription form of the weight loss drug Xenical, came out on drug store shelves last month on June 15th. Since then sales have sky rocketed with everyone trying to get their hands on those pills. What makes Alli unique is that it brings ’quick’ weight loss to the masses. Not only can the morbidly obese use it, but … Continue reading