America Embraces the Telenova

Of late I’ve found myself drawn to the concept of the telenova. The telenova is a form of television show originating in Latin American countries; the form usually revolves around a romantic story line told within a finite number of episodes. The stories tend toward predictable melodrama, but I’m drawn to them because they focus on a limited number of characters, thus lending greater development to the ones on the screen; the limited number of episodes means I don’t have to worry about the show continuing despite losing its steam after a few seasons. While I wouldn’t want all of … Continue reading

“Suite” Star to Helm New Series

Say what you might about the Disney Channel, but it’s excellent at renewing its popular properties. As its stars grow up and want to move on to other material, it often manages to spin new shows out of the ones coming to an end. It also usually gets a movie or two, sometimes even for the big screen, out of its shows. Many times the Disney Channel creates spin-offs of its already existing shows. Even if it doesn’t manage that, it will take a popular secondary character and base a new program around that actor or actress. Popular program “The … Continue reading

“General Hospital” Book Debuts in April

I knew that Disney liked to publish books that tie-in with its other properties. Browsing the children’s section at any library or bookstore will reveal a plethora of titles sharing their names with popular Disney movies and television series. I’m sure that the young adult sections also contain titles continuing the adventures of popular Disney Channel characters for the teen set. But I never anticipated Disney publishing novels for adults based on figures from its non-branded channels. Then I read the news from Stitch Kingdom; that’s exactly what’s happening as the Disney-owned Hyperion Books plans to release a novel based … Continue reading

Charlie’s Got More than Luck

Most Disney Channel original series focus on the lives of their intended audience. Shows on Playhouse Disney often feature young protagonists learning to interact with the world. The plethora of Disney Channel’s tween and teen shows, the channel’s bread and butter, again usually focus on the lives and problems of its protagonists, whose ages usually match that of the channel’s target audience. Refreshing, then, is the Disney’s Channel recent hit series “Good Luck Charlie.” Although the series’ main character is arguably Teddy Duncan, a 15-year-old girl, the show really revolves around the entire family. The premise of the show is … Continue reading

The New Tinker Bell

I caught a bit of one of Disney’s recent “Tinker Bell” movies on the Disney Channel last week. I’m not even sure which one it was, but I liked what I saw. I just got distracted from the program during the commercials, and forgot to check out the rest. I know I would have loved the movie when I was younger; just about any fantasy story appealed to me, and the few minutes of the Tinker Bell movie I saw contained an entertaining blend of fantasy, humor, action/adventure, and a good balance of time between its male and female leads. … Continue reading

Disney Reviving the Radio Serial

Every year at Christmas the cable channel TBS plays the same movie for 24 hours straight, starting around midday on Christmas Eve and ending on Christmas afternoon. Though a large portion of the film relies on an increasingly outdated nostalgia, it’s still a Christmas classic; one that, thanks to its devoted following, has created a new nostalgia specifically for the world of the movie itself, thus cementing its place as part of the annual Christmas experience. One of young Ralphie’s many misadventures in “A Christmas Story” centers on his devotion to the “Little Orphan Annie” radio show. Ralphie never misses … Continue reading