Mental Health and Insurance: Advocating for Makala

It’s been a long four-years since this picture was taken and we brought Makala and Jeremiah home to be our children. It required nearly two-years before we met them to complete the application for adoption, training as special needs parents, and have our home study done by the state. We chose to adopt special needs siblings from our state foster care system. Our lives were stable and we had experience raising Sean and Tori who were on their way to college. We wanted and worked hard to get into a position of making a huge change in the lives of … Continue reading

An Adoptive Mother’s New Years Resolutions 2006

1) To remember at all times “adoption” was an event that happened and not a label for my children. I do not introduce my biological children as my C-section babies and I will not introduce my little ones as my adopted children. 2) To take joy in the unique qualities and attributes my children have received from the biological family. And, to occasionally mention, to my children, in a positive way where those qualities and attributes must have come from. 3) To teach all of my children families are made many ways and how our family was put together has … Continue reading