Enjoying Easter: Just You and the Kids

Easter is coming up slowly, but surely. You start to think of all the things that you need to do in order to get ready. There will be decorations to put up, eggs to color, visits to the Easter bunny at the mall, the Easter dinner to prepare, and of course….the Easter baskets. You will surely be kept busy, but as soon as you go about to prepare for this holiday those old memories start flooding back. At first, it is just a glimpse. Maybe you will have a flashback of how you prepared the baskets together or how you … Continue reading

In Case of Bad Weather – Inside Easter Egg Hunts

Here in Colorado, we never know what kind of weather Easter will bring. We’ve had some gorgeous Easters where we hunted for eggs outside in short sleeved shirts and sundresses. We’ve also had a lot of Easters where we had more than a few inches of snow. Most of the time we put on our coats and snow boots and go outside anyway, and joke that it would have been harder to find the eggs if we’d left them white! During one snowy Easter we found out that dyed eggs leave a little bit of color behind in the snow. … Continue reading

What is Easter Really?

It might shock some to learn that Easter is not actually a Christian holiday. Easter has very clear pagan roots that predate Christ in the flesh. The name “Easter” derives from the pagan queen of heaven Ishtar or Astarte, as well as various other names depending on the region celebrating. During some Easter celebrations, men and women would assemble in a circle around a fire each placing a piece of oatcake in a shepherd’s bonnet. One of the pieces would be blackened. Each person was blindfolded and chose a piece of oatcake out of the bonnet. Whoever chose the blackened … Continue reading

Are You Home for Halloween?

How many of us are at home on October 31st, Halloween night? There are several reasons not to be home. Where does your household fall? Don’t Believe in Halloween Let’s start with the biggest reason I think many people aren’t at home for Halloween. Not being “at home” could also mean sitting in the dark and not opening the door because you don’t celebrate Halloween or don’t want to be bothered. Many Christians eschew Halloween as a holiday for evil and don’t want to do anything to promote it. I recently read some interesting articles on CBN.com (Christian Broadcast Network). … Continue reading