Christmas Shopping for a Camera Phone

Thanks to modern technology, you can take pictures anywhere at anytime without hauling around a huge camera. In fact, you don’t have to haul around a traditional camera at all to snap frame worthy shots. All you need is a cellphone or other mobile device with built-in camera technology. The latest and greatest versions are equipped with sophisticated picture-taking capabilities that rival basic point-and-shoot cameras, though it wasn’t always this way. A few years ago camera phones were more about novelty than substance and the photos often came back blurry or pixilated. However, a lot has changed in the last … Continue reading

Christmas Camera Shopping

If you are asking Santa for a new camera this Christmas, then make sure to list the best of the best. While most point-and-shoot owners are eyeing pimped-out DSLRs, there are a few water sports lovers (like me), who are hoping St. Nick brings them an Olympus waterproof camera. Olympus is one of the most reputable names in the world of photography and is known for its outstanding line of waterproof cameras. Its current waterproof Stylus series offers more innovative features than many of its competitors and leads the market in sales. Some of the most popular models include: Stylus … Continue reading

My Dream Camera

There’s only one thing keeping me from owning my dream camera. Make that 1000 things… before sales tax. I need roughly $1000 to get the DSLR camera of my dreams: a brand-new Nikon D90. I need about $1,300 if I want to get the entire kit, but I digress. The mid-priced high-tech camera is no where in my budget, yet I can’t help but lust after its fab features, including: a 12.3-megapixel sensor, which helps capture stunning high-quality images; sensitivity ranging from ISO 200 to 3,200, plus L1 (100) and H1 (6,400); the high-resolution 3-inch LCD screen (the 920,000-pixel display … Continue reading

Hot Summer Cameras

I have a summer birthday so this is the time of year that I typically research new cameras so I can put them on a short list of gifts that I would love to see next to my birthday cake. Though, this year is a bit different since I just received a wonderful new digital camera for Mother’s Day. Still, I love reading about the latest and greatest cameras and other photo gear on the market. Recently, Consumer Reports released its picks for the best brands of digital cameras on the market. If you are considering upgrading your current digital … Continue reading

Film Cameras Fading Away

In a previous blog I mentioned that my traditional film camera decided to go on vacation while I was on vacation. My trusty Canon EOS Rebel K2 went on strike during part of my trip to Hawaii a few months ago. Needless to say, I spent the better part of an entire day trying to track down a camera repair shop that could help me salvage my cherished sharpshooter. It was a frustrating endeavor to say the least for one simple reason: film cameras are becoming obsolete. I can’t tell you how many camera storeowners were shocked to hear that … Continue reading

A New Camera for Dad for Father’s Day

So you don’t want to give dad any of the Father’s Day photo gifts I listed in this blog. And you don’t think my Mother’s Day camera will go over well with him either, well, I have one more item he might be delighted to unwrap on Father’s Day. Canon’s PowerShot 650 IS is perfect for the snap happy dad who wants a camera that packs a punch, but doesn’t have the time or energy to read an owner’s manual the size of a pocket dictionary to get it to work. (Not that most dads read owners manuals to begin … Continue reading

Do You Use All of Your Camera’s Features?

I would venture to guess that most hobby photographers have no clue how to use half the features offered by their digital cameras. Most snap happy parents simply want to point, shoot and capture frameworthy (or at the very least, printable) shots of their loved ones. If that’s the case (and you rarely stray from using your camera’s AUTO mode) then you might not be interested in purchasing the Canon PowerShot G9. I am partial to Canon cameras and this Mother’s Day I was gifted with a Canon Powershot camera (not the G9, but another one that I plan to … Continue reading

Affordable Digital Cameras

They might not have big names like Sony, Nikon, Canon or Kodak, but they also don’t come with the big price tags either. These days the digital camera market has grown to accommodate lower-priced brands whose products can compete with the big boys of photography. One digital camera maker in particular, Concord, is creating quite a buzz with its new 6 megapixel model, which features a retail price of just $229.99. The Concord 6340z digital camera features a 3x optical zoom plus a 4x digital zoom, a macro feature allowing you to take pictures as close as 2 inches, and … Continue reading

Tips to Consider Before Purchasing a Digital Camera

In my pervious blog I did my best to convince all you traditional photographers to go digital in time for the busy summer shooting season. Now that you know what you are getting yourself into in regards to style, price, and features I wanted to move on to a few other very important issues to consider before purchasing a digital camera: BATTERIES My digital camera takes standard double AA batteries, but they don’t last long in there. Battery life is a major issue for many digital photographers, especially when you are taking your camera on vacation and you’re trying to … Continue reading

Buying a Super-Zoom Camera

To Super-Zoom or not to Super-Zoom? That is the question. In a previous blog I discussed the newest category of high performance digital cameras—-the Super-Zoom. The Super-Zoom or Ultra-Zoom has been hailed by pros as the “new digital product of the year.” Camera experts claim the Super-Zoom combines the best features of point-and-shoot cameras and digital SLRs and it is sold at a price that won’t break the bank. So where can you get your hands on one and how much will it set you back? I looked online and found two Super-Zooms that consistently got rave reviews and both … Continue reading