Movie Misquotes – Part 1

I love movie quotes. I must drive my husband nuts because I am constantly quoting my favorite movies around the house. But, there are some instances where I misquote. Oh, I get the general idea of the quote and I’d swear I was right, until I see the actual movie and hear the character say the line. However, I am not the only one. The other day, I came across some of the most commonly misquoted movie lines. See if you fall for any of these: “Play it again, Sam.” Even those that haven’t seen Casablanca know this quote. But, … Continue reading

Justice of the Peace Ceremonies: Manhattan Style

Today Jade sent me a link to a New York Times article that reminded me of one of the wedding scenes in Sex and the City: The Movie. (The one where Carrie and Big finally make it official.) The article was “Drab Setting, but Joyous Work: Making 2 Into 1” written by Fernanda Santos. It was about the Manhattan Marriage Bureau (MMB.). Apparently it’s quite the humble, but popular place, to get hitched in New York. And it’s about to get a makeover. Why the New Look After 92 Years? There are two reasons the MMB is slated for a … Continue reading

Fifty Greatest Soundtracks

I have often thought about the question “If you were stranded on a deserted island and could take only one compact disc with you, which one would it be?” I mean, I love music so if I could only have one CD, this would be an important decision. The other day, I caught a bit of the movie Purple Rain on VH1 and thought, “That would be a great CD to take if I could only take one.” I have always loved the soundtrack, having bought it when tapes were still popular. I ended up actually wearing that one out, … Continue reading