Strength-Based Parenting

There are a wide variety of parenting styles to choose from. Parents can choose to raise their kids with the parenting style that they were raised with. Or, if they want something different, they can select a parenting style that matches their values and the needs of their kids. One option is called strength-based parenting. Lea Waters is the chair of positive psychology at University of Melbourne. She has written a book called “The Strength Switch”. The full title continues with “How The New Science of Strength-Based Parenting Can Help Your Child and Your Teen to Flourish”. The book is … Continue reading

Parenting Children Who Have ADHD is Stressful

A study reveals that parents of children who have ADHD feel stressed when their child is not behaving appropriately, or is behaving badly. This roller coaster of stress is more intense than the stress that parents of neurotypical children experience in response to occasional bad behavior. This finding reveals a lot about what might help families of kids with ADHD to cope. ADHD, or Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder, is something that affects both children and adults. One doesn’t necessarily “grow out of” having ADHD. It is possible, though, that a child will learn how to manage the symptoms of ADHD … Continue reading

Bad Parenting: Parents Give At Home Tatoos

In case you don’t know, tattooing a minor is illegal in the State of Georgia. It is illegal in most other states too. In addition, most states also mandate that tattoos be done by a certified professional. Jacob Bartels and Patty Marsh were unaware of these laws. Imagine their surprise when after tattooing crosses on six children aged 10 to 17 when they were arrested and hauled off to jail. The crime was reported by the biological mother of two of the children that the Bartels had custody of. The tattoos were administered over thanksgiving and when a couple of … Continue reading

The Effect of Parents on Parenting

In the forum we’ve been discussing the effect our parents have on us and the way we raise our children. It makes interesting reading. The other day I finished reading ‘A Boy in Winter; by Maxine Chernoff. This book raises more questions than it answers. In it, a child accidentally shoots another child with a bow and kills him. It ends up telling the story through the eyes of Danny, the boy who did the shooting, Nancy his mother and Frank the father of the boy who had been shot and also Nancy’s lover. In the course of the story … Continue reading

Ask a Baby Blogger: How Young Is Too Young for Discipline?

The question: My husband feels that we can begin disciplining our 1 year old child by giving him time outs and spanking him. I think he’s too young. What is your opinion on how young a child can be disciplined? I don’t think there is a magical age at which a child can be disciplined in terms of time outs or other tools that you may use. I think it depends on the child, the infraction and what exactly ‘discipline’ means in your household. I also want to point out that there is a big difference developmentally between a 13 … Continue reading

An Example to Your Children

Most of us know or have been told that, as parents, our best teaching tool is our example. I, personally, grew up in a household where the mantra was ‘do as I say, not as I do’. My mom usually said this in a joking tone of voice, but she did sincerely mean it. I, myself, have caught myself in typical parenting blunders – my favorite was when I lightly swatted one of my toddlers’ bottoms while saying “We don’t hit!” That one caused an entire shift in parenting technique. A close second occurs on long car trips, when I … Continue reading

Another Example Of Bad Parenting

It’s always disturbing to read about parents who don’t take their responsibilities as a parent seriously. I wanted my first blog of the year to be about something happy, but this is far more important an issue to me. This past Sunday yet another parent was negligent in her responsibilities as a mother when she allowed her 3-year-old to escape from their second floor apartment and wander off, ultimately finding his way to a busy interstate. According to police reports, the 3-year-old Indianapolis toddler was found playing on the busy highway, wearing nothing but a diaper and t-shirt, while his … Continue reading

Parenting Gone Wrong–An Answer for Kaye

For those of you who are just jumping in, you may want to take a moment and peruse the other blogs in this discussion between Kaye, one of our education bloggers, and I. I have listed them at the bottom of this blog. Kaye poses some good questions regarding home schooling. She has a neighbor, who it seems, may not be the next poster child for HSLDA. He doesn’t seem to know what he should at his age, he’s out when it seems he should be home schooling, and his behavior is less than ideal. Kaye wonders, like so many … Continue reading

Are You A Snowplow Parent?

There are many different kinds of parenting styles to choose from. Some of them are very beneficial both to the children and the parents. Others are disadvantageous to not only the children, but also to their parents. Among the worst is the “snowplow parent”. Actual snow is not required for a parent to choose this parenting style. Emma Waverman, writing for Today’s Parent defined a snowplow parent as “a person who constantly forces obstacles out of their kids’ paths. They have their eye on the future success of their child, and anyone or anything that stands in their way has … Continue reading

Moms Stink at Money Matters

Hey, I’m just the messenger. Personally, I think most moms rock at finances, but according to the gurus at LearnVest (a personal finance website for women), most women with kids fall short when it comes to making wise financial decisions. And why do the brainiacs at LearnVest think moms stink when it comes to handling money? We’re. Too. Nice. Apparently, sugar and spice and everything nice is a very bad combo when it comes to money. LearnVest experts claim that because moms are “too nice” and “too nurturing” they end of falling into an abyss of money problems. Competition is … Continue reading