Top Reasons to Use an Insurance Broker

Have you ever used an insurance broker? There are so many good reasons to do so! Using an insurance broker to find a good, affordable, health insurance plan is a great idea. Here are the top reasons to go ahead and seek out the assistance of an insurance broker. Insurance brokers are experts. They know more about the current and upcoming laws, rules, and regulations that affect health insurance than you will. An insurance broker can tell you if the health insurance policy you are considering buying will not be considered to be a sufficient plan in 2014. They can … Continue reading

What to Consider When Getting a Cat

Between cats and dogs, the two most popular pets in America, cats are the more low maintenance. They can ostensibly be left on their own for longer periods of time, and they don’t require quite the same levels of attention as dogs. Because of that, however, sometimes people think they can just adopt a cat and let it be, when there are still several things to consider when determining if a cat is suitable for your lifestyle. First things first, you’ll have to consider your cat’s vaccinations. Depending on how young of a cat you adopt, and from where you … Continue reading

Getting Stuff without “Consuming” It

One of the dilemmas we face in our efforts to live responsibly is what to do about purchasing things that we seem to need. We own a home on two acres of what is mostly wooded property, and even that needs to be maintained. For example, we currently have two trees in our front yard that have fallen, and another that is leaning precariously. They need to be cut and removed, for safety reasons, if for nothing else. Power tools are required. Here is a recent want. I have been establishing a healthier lifestyle for myself, and have been working … Continue reading

For the Love of Running

I don’t love to run. In fact, on most days I dread the thought of having to lace up my Brooks Ariels and hitting the trails near my home. Still, I do it, because it is a cheap way to maintain a decent fitness level and it allows me to occasionally devour my daughter’s leftover jelly donuts with the least amount of guilt possible. Apparently I am not the only one. According to a new survey, more and more people are turning to running as a way to get fit. Officials from some of the biggest marathons and triathlons in … Continue reading

More Ways to Make Running Fun

I have Oprah Winfrey to thank for making my hour-long runs tolerable. When I was training for my first marathon (in the dead of winter) I would run on the treadmill at my gym. I always chose the treadmill that was located in front of the largest TV, so I could have some sort of distraction while I logged my daily miles. Since I worked out at the same time each day I eventually got hooked on Oprah. Needless to say, her shows helped the time fly by. It was only after the season changed and I started running outdoors … Continue reading

Make Running Fun

If you are a recreational runner looking to kick up your workouts a few notches, I highly recommend running a marathon. I know; it may sound crazy at first, but if you are logging the miles anyway, you might as well put all that hard work to good use. That was the rationale I employed while training for my first marathon. If you are serious about running, road races can give you added incentive to train. What’s more, marathons can be fun, if you find ones that offer great views of spectacular cities. I reviewed a few of my favorites … Continue reading

Yet Another Reason to Run

We all know that running is an excellent way to get fit. An exercise program, which includes running, can help you lose weight, build stamina and muscle, lower your blood pressure, increase metabolism, and decrease body fat. Now, health experts are adding one more benefit to the list: Prevention of bone mineral density (BMD). A new study conducted by researchers at the University of Missouri found that high-impact activities, such as running, might have a greater positive effect on BMD than resistance training. The new information is welcome news for individuals who are at high risk of developing osteoporosis. The … Continue reading

Running: It’s All About the Shoes–Part 2

Now that you’ve determined that you need a new pair of running shoes (the forefoot is shifted medially and laterally or you’re always suffering injury) and you’ve found the best place to shop, consider the following tips to get the right fit: Work the Shoe. Experts recommend that you leave a finger’s width between your longest toe and the end of the shoe. Meaning each shoe you try on should have an index finger’s width between your longest toe and the end of the toe box. Once you get the shoe on don’t be afraid to move around in it. … Continue reading

Running: It’s All About the Shoes

It is for me anyway. I am a severe overpronator and I sustained a nasty injury as a result of not wearing proper shoes when training for my first marathon. That was nearly a decade ago and since then I have spent countless hours researching running and other sport specific footwear. If you are just getting started in a specific sport and are shopping for shoes I would suggest the following: Find a Reputable Specialty Shoe Store. With all due respect to discount retailers, if you want a quality pair of running shoes you need to shop at a store … Continue reading

Getting Fit: No More Excuses

With the holidays fast approaching many people find themselves sucked into the shopping vortex. To-do lists are growing and finding time to get everything done is challenging to say the least. The months of November and December are also the time of year when many people slack on their fitness routines because they simply can’t find the time to get in a workout. Personally, I feel the opposite should be true. This is the time of year when you should try even harder to maintain your exercise regimen. After all, most of us tend to eat more during the holiday … Continue reading