Marriage Exercises: Want to Play A Game?

Do you and your spouse enjoy playing board games? Maybe you like card games? It’s a sure bet that you like to do things together and if any or all of these things are true – then the game I have in mind is one that you and your spouse will enjoy. So What’s the Game? Too often we get into trouble in our relationships and our marriages because we’re too focused on the negative. There’s an old truism to the idea that we never forget a slight or an insult, even when we forgive them – we don’t forget … Continue reading

Relationships 101 – Happy Anniversary Marriage Blog

Good evening, I’ve talked before about wishing we could take a course in relationships 101 while we are in school. We here at the marriage blog offer our insights and experiences with relationships, marriage and more – so you might look at us as a version of relationships 101. So let’s talk about what you might want to see here as covered by relationships. Marriage Counseling You might want to see articles on marriage counseling and what problems couples can sort out there. Articles on marriage counseling should also talk about what you need to look for in a counselor. … Continue reading

Marriage Exercises: Understanding His or Her Value

A few months ago, I suggested this exercise in order to understand the value of your spouse. As we approach Thanksgiving, understanding and appreciating the value of our spouse is very important. So remember, we all have bad days, individually and as a marriage. There are days when our stress and irritation can make clicking and connecting with each other seem impossible. There are going to be days when it’s hard to remember what drew the two of you together. There are going to be days when it’s even harder. These are the days that we need this exercise more … Continue reading

Marriage Exercises – The Healing of Humor

This is the third in our series of marriage exercises for today, the day we turn the clocks back an hour. We talked about Couple Toons earlier and Let’s Play a Game. We talked about improving our communication and understanding of each other’s viewpoints. Now I want to talk about humor and the gift that humor gives us. In study after study, humor is proved to be one of the most effective methods of coping that is available to us. We refer to humor in a variety of ways whether we are talking about comedians on the stage or sitcoms … Continue reading

Marriage Exercises: Let’s Play a Game

Good morning and I hope you got a lot of sleep last night. One of the great things about the clocks changing is that when you get up, it’s still early. For those of us who get up early as a matter of course, it’s a great way to sleep in without actually losing any hours in the day. It’s also a little jarring for some people and it takes some getting use to because whether you are used to getting up early or not, the sun will be at a slightly different position outside and this can mess with … Continue reading

Facing Some Challenges

This weekend I had to say goodbye to my 16-year-old son. He was off to a military encampment which is part of the Civil Air Patrol program that he belongs to. This is his second summer participating. It is very hard for me as a parent to see him off. First, this is not your average summer camping trip. He stays on an active military base where he goes through the rigors of boot camp. Second, I have absolutely no access to him. There is no contact allowed. The best I can hope for is a picture of him. Someone … Continue reading

Cheating Made Easy

Cheating on your marriage partner has never been easier. The internet is making it easier for couples to hook up with others who are looking for affairs. A relatively new website makes it even easier for the average person to make connections with those looking to go outside the boundaries of marriage. According to an article in Time magazine ,679,000 people have used the cheater’s internet site. Of these users 92% of males are married while 60% of females who use the site are married. In the last year membership of the site has doubled to 4 million. These are … Continue reading

Keep Your Focus

The other day I had a frightening experience. I’m not a confident person in the water, because I can’t swim well- only while my feet can touch bottom and I never put my face under water. The concept terrifies me. The beach we go to is usually calm, which is why we go there. But this day there were some largish waves. I was careful not to turn my back on them. Mick caught one of the waves into shore. In the process, he lost the cap he usually wears to protect his eyes from the sun. I turned to … Continue reading

Marriage Tips: Reframe Your Thinking

Every once in a while, we get into a problem with our marriages and our relationships because we’re not getting our own way. It’s funny, when you watch children arguing because in many ways they are a microcosm for the relationships we’ll have as adults. My daughter and my nephew frequently bicker and we jokingly refer to their bickering as though they were an old married couple. Always; Never & My Way Frank Sinatra said it best when we described doing it My Way. Our kids get into fights because they want to do things their way and that often … Continue reading

A Season of Healing

The holidays are a season of healing. We are encouraged to embrace our fellow man, to share a smile with a sister mother and to beam at the children who are bubbling over with excitement for the decorations and more. Everywhere you go during the holidays there is something to smile about and all of these feelings of good will and kindness are advantageous for you and your partner to resolve issues both large and small. Healing a Troubled Marriage Have you and your spouse been experiencing some distance or disagreement in your marriage? Troubled marriages benefit from this time … Continue reading