Caffeine Linked to Underweight Babies

Here is one more reason to avoid caffeine, especially if you are pregnant. A new study published in the British Medical Journal found that even a little caffeine during pregnancy can put your baby at risk for being born with a low birth weight. In fact, the study examined the consumption of caffeine from multiple sources, including tea, cola, chocolate and even prescription drugs. Even a little use of caffeine is linked to slower fetal growth. Underweight babies are subject to a number of problems, including some that occur later in life, such as heart conditions, high blood pressure and … Continue reading

Should You Worry About Infant Abductions?

We have all heard the scary stories about babies being taken away from their parents. I remember worrying so much about this when each of my children were infants. What if someone came in to the hospital and snatched our child? What if I turned away for a moment at the grocery store and turned back to find that my child wasn’t there. Of course, the worry that your child will go missing stays with you probably forever. I still make sure to keep my kids in site at all times whenever we are in public. When I gave birth … Continue reading

Baby Blog Month in Review: August 2008

Isn’t it crazy the way babies grow so quickly? It seems that you just get used to one stage and boom they are already into another. Tonight, were busy getting the household all set for my eldest child’s first day of second grade. My two younger ones are excited and want to start school, too. It will be a busy month. Don’t worry about the missing last week of blogs. I’ve gotten quite a few questions about where I have been. The Baby Blog tends to go on hiatus the last week of the month. That may change in the … Continue reading

Baby Blog Week in Review: August 11th Through August 17th

Have you seen the Reborn Babies? What do you think of them? Check out the posts about Reborn Babies, as well as lots more from this past week. August 11th Baby Blog Week in Review: August 4th Through August 10th Did you catch the Summer Olympics Opening Ceremony? We all enjoyed watching most of it as a family and thought it was spectacular. Did you find yourself bouncing or rocking along to the music? Recent research shows that bouncing your baby to music may affect his later music preference in life. We have this story, plus more this past week. … Continue reading

Are Reborn Babies Scary and Harmful? Continued

Have you seen the Reborn Baby dolls? They are in the center of a controversy. Some say these dolls are cute and cuddly, while others see them as creepy and macabre. I tend to lean toward the second group. (If you missed the first part of this article, please click here to catch up: Are Reborn Babies Scary and Harmful? ABC News has reported several stories about these dolls and included expert testimony. In one story, it is stated that carrying one of these babies around is not mentally healthy and could actually lead to serious problems, such as baby … Continue reading