Are You a Food Phobic?

Phobias come in many forms and having a phobia about food is no exception. A food phobic is more than a fussy eater, although that would be the tag generally attached to such a person. Food phobia has little to do with more well-known eating disorders such as anorexia nervosa or bulimia. So what exactly are the characteristics of a food phobic? Marcia Pelchat, a Philadelphia-based food psychologist states that a person with a food phobia dislikes the taste of certain foods to an excessive extent and avoids them wherever possible. This also applies to the texture of certain foods. … Continue reading

Make Peace with Packing

We all love to travel, but unless you are Martha Stewart-organized, packing for vacation can be a real pain. Whether you are jetting off to grandma’s house in Omaha or planning to watch history being made in London during the Summer Olympics, you will likely need more than just a toothbrush and underwear to get through a week-long trip. Fortunately, there are ways you can reduce stress when packing for a summer getaway. For starters, if you are flying on a commercial airline that charges an arm and a leg for excess baggage, consider wearing your heaviest shoes and clothes … Continue reading

Goofy New Check-In for Disney Cruises

Have you been considering going on a Disney cruise vacation, but aren’t quite sure that the whole experience would be enough fun? Sure, Disney cruises are some of the most luxurious vacations out there, but they’ve also got the potential to become a bit claustrophobic, and there were all those food poisoning incidents on cruise ships last year, even if none of them were on Disney ships. Well, either the execs at the Walt Disney Corp. cruise division thought their marketing scheme needed an extra push, or someone over in the animation/graphic design department was feeling whimsical, because the Disney … Continue reading

In Search of Mealtime Peas

It’s Christmas time, and the sweets they are a-calling. The vegetables, not so much. Oddly enough, with the influx of chocolate and baked goods, this time of year my body actually craves fresh vegetables. We have a share in a local organic farm, and I think that the absence of our weekly dose of farm veggies leaves my body wondering what happened. My daughter, well she’s an eggs, meat and bread kind of kid. Although she adored certain vegetables as a baby, she started feeling pickier about them in toddlerhood. While we’re lucky not to have a completely vegetable-phobic child, … Continue reading

Something Worth Watching

What do you get when you combine a boy with mustard-colored skin and purple hair with the swine flu? The answer: Must-see TV… at least if you have young kids at home. If you’re worried about the H1N1 virus or seasonal flu, don’t have all the facts on vaccinations AND you parent needle-phobic children, then you might consider tuning into PBS’ “Sid the Science Kid” on Monday, October 26, 2009. That’s when a new episode of the popular kiddie series will air. The special show follows 4-year-old Sid as he goes to the doctor to get a flu shot. Those … Continue reading

Author Interview: Haley Hatch Freeman

Today I am joined by Haley Hatch Freeman, author of the new book “A Future for Tomorrow.” Haley suffered with anorexia as a teenager, and was able to overcome this struggle with counseling and through the help of the Lord. She wrote “A Future for Tomorrow” in the hopes that sharing her story would help other young women and their parents understand this disorder and realize that help is available. Haley spoke with me candidly about her experiences and I’d like to share that conversation with you. Haley, your story is deeply personal and not everyone would have the courage … Continue reading

Affordable Travel Options in New York and Massachusetts

Would you believe me if I told you that you could stay at a hotel in Manhattan for less than $100? No, it doesn’t require sharing space with rats or a dozen other strangers. In fact, you’d be lucky to fit more than yourself and a couple of duffel bags in the room. The Jane, New York’s newest budget hotel, has 200 rooms to offer cash-strapped visitors to the Big Apple, but spacious they’re not. The word tight might not even do them justice. Most of the rooms are as compact as old-time railroad compartments and the shared bathroom is … Continue reading

Retired Greyhounds Serve as Blood Donors

More than fifty retired racing greyhounds have embarked on a new career at the Ohio State University veterinary school. The dogs donate blood four or five times per year. Why are greyhounds good blood donors? Many greyhounds have a universal blood type, making their blood suitable for any dog who needs a transfusion. Greyhounds have large veins in their necks that make it easy to draw blood. Greyhounds have very short hair that makes it easy to find neck veins and draw blood. These particular greyhounds are owned by professors, technicians, and students at the Ohio State University veterinary school. … Continue reading

Frugal Cold Treatments

Fighting a cold and don’t want to spend $20 or more on all of those over the counter remedies? Below are some frugal ways to treat a cold. Well, in spite my “germy-phobic” practices of making sure everyone washes their hands and use antibacterial glob, we all came down with a pretty nasty cold. I cringed when my husband called me from work the other day to say that his throat was getting very scratchy. Maybe he brought something home from work. Then again, it could have been that trip to Chuck E Cheese, our first in two years, that … Continue reading

What Is Germ Phobia?

You may have heard about famous germophobes like filmmaker Howard Hughes, money man Donald Trump, Deal or No Deal’s Howie Mandell, and 90210’s Shannen Doherty. Germ phobia is an intense fear of something that poses little actual threat — but can cause severe anxiety or a full panic attack. Yes… tiny bacteria do cause countless diseases. The best way to prevent colds, flu, and other illnesses is through personal hygiene! Washing your hands is incredibly important. Unwashed hands can spread food-related germs like salmonella and E. coli. More hand washing could prevent a lot of illnesses! The Centers for Disease … Continue reading