Why Cats Do Weird Things: Pawing Around Water

We know why cats play with their water: they paw it and lick it from their paws, to try to make their water ripple and thus seem fresher.  Cats love fresh water.  But I’ve noticed Cole sometimes do something a bit stranger than that: he paws around his water bowl.  He doesn’t actually dip his paws in, but he scratches at the floor around the water bowl.  Why is he doing that? There isn’t a clear answer as to why; a lot of cat behavior is mysterious to us.  But there are a few educated guesses out there.  The first is … Continue reading

Natural Ways to Boost Your Energy

Energy drinks, such as 5-Hour Energy and others are a booming industry. Many people rely on these energy drinks to get through the day. I’ve seen them being pulled out of purses, laid on people’s desks, and sold out at the convenience stores. I’ve never tried these drinks myself, so I can’t speak for them, but wouldn’t it be better to try something natural first? There are several ways to naturally boost your energy levels throughout the day. Many of them are just common sense, but there are a few tricks in there, too. First of all, getting enough sleep … Continue reading

Storing Emergency Water Supplies

We’re mostly water. Water is essential to people, both for drinking and for cleaning. As the winter approaches it is good to be prepared with extra supplies in our home and at work. While you only need to drink 2 quarts of water per day, we often forget about the water that we use for cleaning ourselves, washing our hands, and cleaning our pots and pans. Even in an emergency you still need to keep clean. This is why emergency preparation organizations recommend that you store a gallon of water per person per day. Store at least a 3 day … Continue reading

My Perfect Water Bottle

I am an advocate for drinking water and lots of it! Whether it is for your workout or just regular day routine, you need to be hydrating. I also try to be green and tend to steer away from using individual, non-reusable bottles. I am always trying to drink 8 glasses a day which would be about 8 individual bottles! Instead I have decided to fill up a reusable water bottle for my daily activities and workouts. Finding a perfect water bottle has been a long, grueling process. I find one that looks alright, buy it because how else can … Continue reading

How Much Fluid Does Your Preschooler Need?

I worry about my daughter not drinking enough all the time. Not too long ago, she got a nasty stomach bug, and we almost had to give her an IV for dehydration. She does not drink a lot at meals either. She will take a tiny sip, and then put it back down on the table. I worry all the time about it. I am the opposite. I always have a drink in my hand. I drink my full 8 glasses of water a day, and then some. I am a chronically thirsty person. While I accept that she may … Continue reading

The Importance of Water When Dieting

Our bodies are made up of 50-70 percent water. Water is essential to life and good health. Drinking too much water is nearly impossible as our bodies will adjust with urination output. However, not drinking enough water can lead to dehydration. When we do not drink enough water our kidneys do not function properly. Since we do not store water in our bodies, it is vital that we consume the proper amount daily for good health. While we can survive for a week with no food, it only takes days to experience harmful and deadly effects of dehydration. Water helps … Continue reading

Managing Your Energy Levels During Pregnancy

Halfway through our hike around Devil’s Lake in Wisconsin’s scenic state park of the same name, I was ready to pick a bench and crash. I had hiked this trail many times before, but this time I simply did not have the energy to finish. While the rest of my group finished the trek up the hill and over the boulders, I headed back to the campsite with my husband and passed out in the tent for two hours. Several times during our camping trip, I stumbled to the tent and fell asleep, napping for 2-3 hours at a time. … Continue reading

Cutting Water Costs Without Cutting Hygiene

Right now I have three teenager daughters living at home. Anyone who has at least one teen girl knows what this means. For moms and dads still changing diapers or holding their daughter upright while she learns to rider a two-wheeler, enjoy these simpler times. What having a teenager girl — or two, or three — around the house means is that parents never get more than ten seconds of peace and quiet, clothes are strewn about like the local Forever 21 just exploded, you worry about boyfriends and underage drinking, and the water bill costs as much as the … Continue reading

How Much Water Should Your Preschooler Drink?

Preschoolers love to run around in circles…and rectangles, triangles, and anywhere else. They expend so much energy over the course of a day that they can wear their parents out. All of this energy expenditure needs food as fuel, but preschoolers also need water to function. Water is actually more important to your body than food – the majority of the body is made up of water. If your child is running around a lot, she might not sweat like an adult, but you can bet that she will need water. Water is needed so that your body can expel … Continue reading

Be Kind to Your Kidneys and Liver

The human body is pretty amazing. Despite all the wear and tear the body gets on a daily basis — inside AND out — it still keeps going. Your liver and kidneys play a huge role in keeping the body clean on the inside. The liver has hundreds of functions, but one big one is filtering bad stuff (like bacteria) out of the blood. It’s also essential for digestion — the liver produces bile, which breaks down fat so the body can digest it. It’s a multitasking marvel! Your kidneys are waste and water processors. On a daily basis, they … Continue reading