My Christmas Wish List (part two)

It’s that time of year again: time for gift giving. Not only should you take time to consider what you would like to give others, you should take some time to evaluate what new scrapbooking items you would like to use this year. I’ve come up with a few things that are on my Christmas wish list and I’d like to share them. You can also check out part one of my wish list to find out what other fun goodies I’m thinking about using (hopefully) soon. Mimi Digiscrap Tote. I have been on the lookout for a nice bag … Continue reading

Baby’s Fears

Every baby has a fear. Sometimes it is the vacuum, the dog, or the blender. My baby actually doesn’t seem to mind the blender all that much, and he loves the food chopper. Weird. But, there are a few things that he is afraid of from time to time. While I don’t enjoy my child’s fear, it is sometimes cute to see what he is afraid of. One of the things that I have learned that he is afraid of is the car wash. In fact, I remember my oldest being scared of that, too as a baby. Now, she … Continue reading

Pick Me Up!

My little guy is at such a fun stage right now, but there are some things that he does that are not so fun. I have a little secret. My baby yells at me! It sounds funny to say it, but it is the best way to describe what he does to let me know he is not happy. Gone are the days when he had a little sweet newborn cry. With a full house with three kids, he has to make sure he gets mama’s attention. I guess that means that sometimes he needs to step it up a … Continue reading

Mothers Make Mistakes

Let’s face it. We are all human and we all make mistakes. Mothers may be, in the eyes of their children, superheroes, and single mothers seem to have even bigger shoes to fill. Our children look to us for answers, advice and knowledge. We shape their lives, but in doing so, we have to know how to deal with our own mistakes. Earlier today, I told my son that he couldn’t sit with me because I had to get some work done. I was worried about getting everything done on time because I had fallen behind due to an illness. … Continue reading

The Importance of a Will for Single Parents

The single most important thing that a single parent can do to protect his or her child’s future is to execute a will. Although we want to think that we will be around for our children, it is important to choose a guardian for them in the event of our demise. The subject came up for me when my son was only a few months old. A discussion developed due to a family member being mentally unstable. I told my family that I wanted to make sure that my son would never be placed in the care of an unstable … Continue reading

The Challenges of Being a Single Mother

Being a mother is something that I love. However, it isn’t something I always knew would happen. I spent my teenage years swearing I would never have kids. It wasn’t until I was in my late twenties that I even considered motherhood. Since I never really imagined being a mother, I certainly didn’t imagine being a single mother. There are a lot of challenges that motherhood presents. Add in being single and not having the support of the father to the mix and it becomes more difficult. There is no doubt that motherhood is very rewarding. Being a single mother … Continue reading