Emergency Laundry Detergent

There it is, at least three days until the next paycheck, and you find yourself with ten loads of laundry and no laundry detergent. What can you do besides going around naked? Here is how to get by, frugally, until you can stock up again. First, prioritize the clothes that need to get washed or else. Sure, you’d love to wear your favorite pair of jeans, but perhaps getting your husband’s underwear washed is more important, unless he can do without it. In an emergency, it usually perfectly fine to do one load of wash that combines different colors. Just … Continue reading

Are You Wasting Laundry Detergent?

I am always surprised by how much laundry detergent the average person uses for a wash load. Watching a friend throw some laundry in her machine the other day, I observed her method of just filling the cap up to the top with liquid detergent and tossing it in. She didn’t even look to see if the detergent went past the fill line. Not only was she using more detergent than she needed, but she was also ruining the life of her clothing, by leaving all of that extra detergent to absorb into her items. Using less of something is … Continue reading

Take Stock II

I’ve been talking how taking stock of the items in your home can really save you money. Sometimes you find things that you never knew you had. Other times you find things that solve a problem, saving you the expense of having to buy something else. Still other times finding something that you don’t need can even earn you money when you sell it. Along with talking about taking stock of things, I have been going through various areas of the home and pointing out how taking stock can save you money. Laundry room Perhaps you aren’t like me, but … Continue reading

Home Away from Home on Vacation

As you may have read from my Frugal Living Blogs, we are enjoying some vacation time at the shore. It has been a wonderful experience, and I don’t know quite how we will get back to the regular an normal routine once we return home. Being on vacation should be a different experience than being at home. You don’t want to take all of the normal home issues with you, but instead you want to take the time to relax and have fun. Still, it is important to maintain a sense of “home,” even while you are away. This will … Continue reading

A Sneaky Trick to Use Less

One of the great principals of a frugal lifestyle is to use less or extend what you already have to make it last longer than it normally does. Think about it. If you can go from buying a big box of laundry detergent every month to buying one every other month, you have just cut your cost for laundry detergent in half. It can be a fun challenge to discover how to use less of an item without compromising your standards. for example, I cut my facial cloths in half to save money on them. I tried cutting them into … Continue reading

Peek into My Morning

I am always so curious for a glimpse into the lives of others. The domestic every day life of my fellow humans tends to fascinate me. I suppose that is why I read so many blogs, especially the frugal ones, of course. Sometimes I get great tips on things that I can do around my house or with my family. Other times I just have an appreciation for other ways of living. So, I thought I would share some of the things we will do today, from a frugal standpoint. This may give you a good idea of some of … Continue reading

Wringer Washers Save Money

Wringer Washing machines are a favorite choice of homesteaders who want to be “off the grid” and save a bundle on laundry. One reader told me that she started saving $80 a month once she started using a wringer washing machine. But what is a wringer washing machine? How does it work? Where can you get one? Keep reading to find out all about this frugal trend to see if it might be right for you and your family. I learned about wringer washers from some Amish friends. They don’t use electricity, but they can do their wash in a … Continue reading

Frugal Living Week in Review for August 20th-26th, 2007

As summer is slowly drawing to a close and school is finally back in session for most children including the homeschooling families, it is the perfect time to take a look at your frugal habits. Evaluate what is going well for your family, and what might not actually be working. Some things you cannot save money on year-round. Some seasons are better than others for certain savings. Just evaluate where you are and look forward into new ways and methods to save money. Look what great ways we showed you how to save money in the frugal living blog this … Continue reading