M and Ms for Marriage

Yes, Mick and I have been at it again – talking about marriage and this blog. I mentioned I was having trouble coming up with some Ms for my Alphabetical blog and he came up with a beauty or three. Read on to find out what they were. Maturity Marriage needs people to be mature. No, I’m not talking about physical age because young marriages can, and do, work. But mature in their attitude towards marriage and toward their spouse. That can mean not still trying to live like you’re still single even after the wedding ceremony. It can mean … Continue reading

Landmark Marriage

Whether they are natural features like, The Grand Canyon, Uluru, or man made like The Eiffel Tower, the Golden Gate, The Sydney Opera House, we could all name various landmarks. Places that stand out for various reasons and are clearly identifiable with a certain place. Have you ever thought of your marriage that way? Landmark This is another that came from my married daughter. As you can tell we spend time talking about marriage, not just her and me but her husband and mine as well are often involved in marriage conversations, even more so since I started writing marriage … Continue reading

Hs for a Happy Marriage

Yes, after a little diversion of the last two days to other marriage topics, I’m back with my alphabetical hints for marriage. H is the star today. So, if you want a happy marriage consider adopting some of these H hints. Helpful This is a bit like the one Andrea came up with the other day of favors. It can mean just being helpful in the little things like shopping, picking up clothes, or washing up. My husband often does the washing and wiping up if I am trying to meet writing deadlines. Or it might mean being helpful in … Continue reading

Attitudes Toward Marriage

Everybody has something to say about marriage. Some of it is positive, some extremely cynical. I’m inclined to think a lot of a person’s ideas about marriage and response to marriage come from their experiences of marriage. This means the model they saw in their parent’s marriage and sometimes in the marriages of friend’s parents. Good reason for parents to be careful about the sort of messages they are sending their children about marriage. It will shape a person’s own expectations of and attitude towards marriage. It is also shaped by their own experience of love and marriage and what … Continue reading

Attitudes and Responses in Education

A teacher’s attitude towards their students can have a serious affect on students and not always for the good. Recently I was talking to a friend and she was telling me how at the opening of a rural high school, the school library had no books. Why? Because the teachers at that school had decided there wasn’t a lot of point. Their view was the students of that area wouldn’t use them. The teachers had already made up their mind about what the students were capable of and what they weren’t. They’d dismissed them as being young people who’d end … Continue reading

Short Term Contract Marriages?

Will we soon see short term contract marriages? Will we see couples contracting to marry for three years or five years, and then with an option to renew, instead of till death us do part? That’s the question Mick raised recently. And no, I don’t for a moment think he’s ready to trade me in or regretting ours is a life contract. It’s more a reflection of the way society is going. We live in a disposable society. Most major appliance manufacturers tell you they have a life of around 5-8 years – a situation I find laughable. Who can … Continue reading

Part 3- Checklist of Things to Discuss Before Marriage

As promised here is part 3 and the final part of things to discuss before marriage Health Issues – any serious issues the other person may need to know about e.g. if you may be unable to have children or have a genetic disorder, then your partner needs to know.. Goals – Do you have the same goals for your life together? If not, are your goals compatible or is it going to prove a problem to reconcile them in your marriage? Friends – do you like you’re spouse’s friends and do they like yours? If not, then you will … Continue reading

Part 2 of Things to Discuss before Marriage

Yesterday we looked at things to discuss before marriage. Here are some more things on the checklist of things that should be discussed. Attitudes towards work and family life. The person, who is a workaholic or a professional student always wanting to gain new skills, can have a detrimental effect on marriage. They may have trouble making time and making it a priority to nurture their marriage and family relationships. Finances and whether you will have separate bank accounts or a joint account. Even if there is a joint account, will each person have their own spending money that they … Continue reading

Checklist of Things to Discuss before Marriage

Part of the joy of meeting new people and being in a relationship is getting to know them, their likes and dislikes. This means more than just things like their favorite color and movie, etc. It means getting to know their attitudes towards life and how they will react in a given situation. With a marriage partner it is even more important. Yet, I am constantly amazed at how little some couples communicate and talk to each other about major issues before they get married. Do they think they will just all resolve themselves because they love each other? It … Continue reading

Attitudes and Expectations

So Christmas is over and the presents all unwrapped, family often gone back to the respective homes or maybe more arriving. How do you feel after the hype of the last few days? Do you feel still on a high after the excitement of Christmas? Do you feel thankful things are back more normal and back to your usual routine? Do you feel depressed because family has left or you’ve had to leave them behind or simply because there’s nothing to look forward to any more? Do you regret that it’s all over for another year? Or are you relived? … Continue reading