Author Interview – Peter Bowerman, Part Three

We are having a fascinating chat with Peter Bowerman, author of the book “The Well-Fed Self-Publisher” (TWFSP). If you’ve just joined us, click here for part one and here for part two. Peter, you talk quite a bit about using the Internet for promotion. How important is it for an author to establish an Internet presence? It’s critically important, given that, these days, the Internet is where so many people spend so much of their time collecting so much of the knowledge they live and operate by. As for how I established my ‘Net presence, it all went back to … Continue reading

Author Interview – Peter Bowerman

Today we are joined by Peter Bowerman, author of the book “The Well-Fed Self-Publisher” (TWFSP) reviewed yesterday. Peter, thank you for joining us. Your book teaches authors how to self-publish and be successful at it. My first question has to be, can any self-published book be successful? I’ve read a whole lot of really substandard self-published books in my day. I’d have to say – and this is based on my own reflections as well as a lot of feedback from readers – the biggest lesson of my book is the inherent viability of profitable self-publishing. “Profitable” is the key. … Continue reading

Author Interview – Karen Salmansohn

Today we are joined by Karen Salmansohn, author of the new book “Bounce Back,” a self-help book to help those of us who have experienced difficult trials to find their way back out into the sunshine. Karen, thank you for joining me today. What would you say are some of the most common setbacks people face? I call “setbacks going through “The Vortex.” And it seems everyone has one in their life (at least one)–a time when you are tested in seemingly insurmountable ways and things continue to go wrong, and you find yourself spiraling downward. Some people’s Vortex happen … Continue reading

Relationship Magic – Edythe Denkin

Author Edythe Denkin, PhD. and certified marriage counselor, brings us “Relationship Magic,” a book that helps us define common problems in marriage and find their solutions through use of a fairy tale. As we read the story, we meet Prince James and Princess Cinda. He was raised in a castle while she grew up as a regular maiden, and when they met and fell in love, they thought they’d found in each other the answer to all their emotional needs. His parents were distant, her father was absent, and by loving each other, they felt they would never feel alone … Continue reading

Media Week in Review June 2nd-7th

Welcome to our Week in Review for Media! We started out with a review of “Hatchet” by best-selling adventure novelist, Gary Paulsen. When Brian’s parents divorce, Brian is sent elsewhere to live, and at the airport, his mother makes him a gift of a hatchet. That hatchet becomes his lifeline when the small plane crashes and Brian must learn to fend for himself in the wilderness. We then read “Chopping Spree” by Diane Mott Davidson. Caterer Goldy Schultz is hired to create a fabulous spread for some rich clients at the nearby shopping mall when the manager of the mall … Continue reading