Author Interview: “Surprise Packages”

LDS authors Nancy Anderson, Lael Littke and Carroll Morris recently released the third book in their “The Company of Good Women” series. This much-anticipated volume, “Surprise Packages,” wraps up the stories of Erin, Willadene and Juneau as we see them solve some of the problems that have been afflicting them through the series, encounter new ones, and learn how to trust the Lord for all they need. I had the opportunity to interview these three authors about their writing. In a world where it seems that success is all that matters and money is king, I wondered how these ladies … Continue reading

Author Interview — Anderson, Littke and Morris: Part Two

I’m very pleased to bring you part two of our exclusive interview with LDS authors Nancy Anderson, Lael J. Littke and Carroll H. Morris. If you missed yesterday, click here to catch up. I haven’t yet had the privilege of reading your series, although it’s on my wish list. Can you tell me, and our readers, about it? Lael: “Almost Sisters” is the first book of the series. In it, three very different women — Juneau from Pasadena, CA, Willadene from Wellsville, UT, and Erin from Minneapolis, MN — meet at BYU Education Week in 1980— Nancy: That might sound … Continue reading

Three Tickets to Peoria – Anderson, Littke, and Morris

Earlier this year, I reviewed a book called “Almost Sisters,” the story of three women who meet at Brigham Young University’s Education Week. They come from different backgrounds, but as they spend the week together, they become fast friends. Inspired by the woman who boarded them for the week, they determined that they would hang in there and learn everything they needed to know to become “crusty old broads,” women who have weathered life’s storms and come out the better. Today’s book is “Three Tickets to Peoria,” which is the second installment in this trilogy. We find that Deenie, Juneau … Continue reading