Study: Intrusive Parenting Can Be Harmful to Children

There is a wide variety of parenting styles to choose from. Ultimately, each parent is going to select one that they feel works best for them. It is worth considering that not every parenting style is a healthy choice for children. A study found that intrusive parenting can be harmful to children. The study was titled “Developmental Trajectories of Maladaptive Perfectionism in Middle School Children”. It was led by Ryan Y. Hong, and was published in the Journal of Personality. The researchers focuses on a sample size of 263 of Singaporean children – and their parents. The study began when … Continue reading

Positive Parenting Might be your Style

Parents today have a plethora of parenting styles to choose from. Have you figured out what your parenting style is yet? If not, then perhaps Positive Parenting might be your style. Positive Parenting is a style that is intended to lessen stress and form healthier relationships between parents and their children. It is not an authoritarian parenting style. Other phrases that have been used to describe Positive Parenting include: positive discipline, gentle guidance, or loving guidance. Physical punishment, such as spanking, is absolutely not a part of Positive Parenting. It isn’t about “teaching your child a lesson”. Instead, this parenting … Continue reading

Parenting Styles

The way you react as a parent has a lasting impact on your children. Every child is different and we have to parent based on our child’s individual needs. Some children need things very structured; others just need a little guidance here and there. You have to adjust your parenting style based on what works for you and your child. Authoritarian parents typically have very high expectations of their children. They have strict guidelines for their children and there is very little negotiation. If asked why they are likely to respond, “Because I said so.” They don’t discuss the reasoning … Continue reading

Parenting Style Affects Health

How you parent your child can affect their behavior, grades, and yes even their weight. Dr. Mayer reports on a recent research study that found that “parenting style is associated with a 500% difference in the risk of childhood obesity.” I don’t know about you but 500% seems like an awful lot to me. And this percentage is completely dependant upon parenting style. There are four main parenting styles: Authoritarian – The parent decides what is best for the child and the child is expected to follow the decisions of the parents. Children are usually held to a high level … Continue reading

Ways to Avoid Spanking

Although not every parent believes in spanking, for those who do, especially single parents that have added stress in dealing with children, I wanted to provide some alternatives to consider. I know that I only spanked my children on rare occasion. Instead, I found positive ways of discipline that actually were far more effective. Today, I have a 22 and 24 year-old, both wonderful and well adjusted adults. With spanking being such a controversial subject, experts have begun to conduct some in-depth studies to determine the long-term effects on the child. It was discovered that study after study showed children … Continue reading

To Smack or Not to Smack? What is the Answer?

I was recently asked to be a radio talk back guest on smacking children. The young female presenter gave the following scenario: A young mother, on her way home from work and after picking up here 3-year-old daughter from day care, stopped to choose a DVD. While cruising around the isles attempting to choose her only entertainment for the week, her young daughter starts pulling videos off shelves and throwing them at her mother. The mother smacked the child, one hard swift smack on the bottom, paid for the DVD in her hand and left. The young video store attendant … Continue reading