Now Hear This: What is Auditory Dysfunction?

One of Kyle’s first symptoms of autism was his failure to respond to his name being called. He would sit amongst his toys, engrossed in whatever he was doing, and not turn his head when I shouted to him. Once in a while he would look, but frequently he didn’t. His lack of response was so strange that we had his hearing tested. But functionally, Kyle had normal hearing. Even so, hearing is more than just the process of an ear manufacturing sounds–it’s also the brain’s ability to interpret the sounds and respond appropriately. Often kids on the autism spectrum … Continue reading

Have You Brushed Your Kid Today?

When my son Kyle, who has autistic disorder, was in preschool, his teacher gave me a little yellow brush with soft bristles and a sponge-like grip. I was told that it was for “brushing,” and that I should brush Kyle’s arms and legs several times each day. Can Autism, ADHD, and DSI be Brushed Away? I must confess, I tried it a few times, but eventually abandoned the whole concept. That’s because I had no idea what on earth I was doing. Secretly I thought this might just be somebody’s ridiculous idea or some new-fad treatment that wouldn’t amount to … Continue reading

Autism? Aspergers? ADHD? How Auditory Training Can Help

Several years ago, I read an astonishing book about a girl with autism, Georgie, who was only attached to inanimate objects and had no interest in human beings. She was completely withdrawn into her own world seemed unreachable. She had strange reactions to ordinary sounds and events. Eventually she shut out everything as though she were deaf. Well, her mother, Annabel Stehli, was determined to get answers. She took her daughter to numerous specialists and was either told to “just love her,” or was given several more-than-subtle hints that she was a bad mother. The book is fascinating, detailing Annabel’s … Continue reading