Autumn Recipes from A to Z

Tis the season to retreat to the kitchen to prepare warm comfort foods. Think hearty stews, soups, pumpkins, squash, turkey and other fall favorites. In an effort to encourage you to make the most of this season’s spectacular harvest I’ve compiled a collection of autumn recipes from A to Z featuring some of fall’s most popular ingredients. Whether you are cooking for two or two-dozen, the following quick and easy recipes will help make the most of fall’s bounty from apples to zucchini. Autumn Recipes: A is for Apple— DOUBLE APPLE DESSERT SALAD and WILD RICE AND APPLE SALAD. Autumn … Continue reading

Recipes for Leftover Halloween Candy

Instead of taking your leftover Halloween candy into the office to join the other 15 pounds of chocolate that came from other co-workers with the same idea, consider these decadent recipes. Both features popular Halloween candy, but instead of eating the sweet treats straight up, you’ll feast on them in spectacularly delicious cakes that I can assure you will be gobbled up a lot faster by your colleagues than stale candy strewn around the break room. CHOCOLATE TOFFEE CAKE Ingredients: 2 cups brown sugar 2 cups all-purpose flour 1/2 cup butter 1 teaspoon baking soda 1/2 teaspoon salt 1 egg … Continue reading

Ghoulish Goodies: Edible Fingers and Eyeballs

It’s Halloween. Time to get creepy in your kitchen. With a little creativity, traditional party recipes can turn into devilish dishes perfect for a Halloween buffet. Here are a few monstrously delicious recipes to make for your little ghosts and goblins this Halloween: EDIBLE FINGERS Ingredients: 1 can refrigerated breadstick dough 1 pepperoni stick Dried rosemary Directions: Preheat oven to 350 degrees. Separate breadsticks and place on greased cookie sheet. Cut pepperoni into fingernail shapes and press into dough. Cut knuckle marks into “fingers” and sprinkle with rosemary to create a hairy-knuckle look. Bake according to package directions (typically less … Continue reading

Halloween Recipes: Creepy Zombie Cookies

Any other time of the year the aforementioned recipes wouldn’t sound very appetizing. But when you are creating a creepy buffet for a Halloween party or a festive pre-trick-or-treating meal then they’re the perfect additions. The first recipe for Creepy Chili is a Cheplic classic. While my mom didn’t create it (someone from Hormel Foods gets the credit) she did make when I was a kid—-only she used homemade breadsticks not the refrigerated kind. You can’t top this dish when it comes to simplicity and creativity. If you struggle to get your excited little ghosts and goblins to eat something … Continue reading

Autumn Recipes: Z is for Zucchini

We made it. It took nearly a month, but today marks the last entry in our Autumn Recipes A-Z series. Hopefully, you’ve added a few new seasonal recipes to your fall repertoire and in the process you’ve been inspired to experiment with dishes that wouldn’t typically find their place on your dining room table. Today, we’re focusing on another seasonal ingredient: zucchini. The versatile, green vegetable (technically, part of the gourd family) can be added to both savory and sweet dishes. My favorite zucchini recipe comes courtesy of Food Network’s Paula Deen (no surprise). Her Chocolate Chip Zucchini Bread is … Continue reading

Autumn Recipes: Y is for Yams

Yams (or sweet potatoes) are extremely popular this time of year. While there are countless recipes for savory dishes that feature the seasonal ingredient I tend to stick with sweeter yam dishes since they are embraced more heartily by my pint-sized picky eater. My daughter’s favorite yam dish is very simple. I just drizzle fresh yams with maple syrup, and then I add some nutmeg and cinnamon, and bake them with butter. It’s delicious… as are the following recipes for other sweet yam dishes that can be served up at holiday get-togethers. YAM AND PUMPKIN PANCAKES Ingredients: 1 cup flour … Continue reading

Autumn Recipes: X is for X-shaped Chocolate Cookies

Yeah, I know, it’s not very autumnal. But you try coming up with foods that begin with the letter X and then combine them to create an edible creation. There was xanthareel, a yellow eel used in medicinal foods, and xanthan gum, which is produced from the fermentation of corn sugar (it’s commonly used as a thickener in foods such as yogurt, sour cream and salad dressings), but neither struck me as the basis for family-friendly recipes. So, I got a bit creative and went for another interpretation: X-shaped treats. The following recipe for playful chocolate cookies molded in the … Continue reading

Autumn Recipes: W is for Wild Rice

Welcome to October! Let the holiday countdown begin, right? I say that with a twinge of sarcasm because to be quite honest I am still lamenting the fact that our local pool closed a few weeks back. As for preparing for the holidays, well, that’s so way off my radar it’s not even funny. However, I realize that there are some of you who are in full-on holiday mode—-be it Halloween, Thanksgiving or (gasp!) Christmas (I know a gal who completed her Christmas shopping last weekend… we are no longer friends… just kidding) so I thought it would be helpful … Continue reading

Autumn Recipes: V is for Venison

Prior to moving to Wisconsin from Hawaii I had never heard of venison let alone allow it to pass by my lips. Now that I have been here a while and become indoctrinated (somewhat) to the lifestyle, I’ve devoured many tasty venison dishes and most of them were eaten this time of year since fall marks the start of the deer hunting season. For those of you who are not familiar with the lean meat, venison refers to any wild game meat, though over time (at least in these parts) it has evolved to describe mainly deer meat. Venison is … Continue reading

Autumn Recipes: U is for Udon

She may not know how to spell the word “delicious,” but my 4-year-old can differentiate between an udon noodle and a spaghetti noodle quicker than most adults. In fact, udon (pronounced oo-DOHN) was one of the first words my daughter learned how to say after spending time in Hawaii with my grandma. Udon is a thick, round Japanese noodle typically made with wheat flour and served in cold dishes (salads or chilled with soy sauce and topped with sesame seeds) during the summer months and in hot dishes (soups and broth) during the fall and winter. I grew up eating … Continue reading